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PG32UCDM Aura Lighting stays off after the monitor sleeps.

Level 9

Just upgraded to MCM103 and it's honestly been great. However, the Aura lighting is still bugged as of this release. 

Armoury Crate recognizes the monitor and has no issues controlling it. However, when Windows puts the monitor to sleep the lighting on the rear of the panel turns off. Upon waking the monitor, it does not turn on again.

Toggling in Armoury Crate also doesn't turn the lights back on. The only way that works is to go into the OSD and manipulate the Light In Motion setting.

This works until the monitor sleeps again. 

Just wanted to report this bug.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @EthanJL721 ,

Thank you for your inquiry. In order to better understand the issue you're experiencing, we need some further details. 

Firstly, could you please specify what signal cable you are currently using for the connection? 

Additionally, have you encountered similar issues before in previous versions? 

May I inquire which level of light in motion you set to let the LED light up again?

If possible, could you record a video of the issue occurring for our reference? 

This will help us better understand and address your problem accurately. 

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Level 7

Exact same issue.

It clearly needs a fix.

Level 8

Same issue. Everytime monitor goes into sleep, RGB lighting goes off. I have to turn on Light in motion. I choose level 1 and it turns on for me (both light in motion and the RGB lighting). Although RGB would not sync to armory crate setting, after installing montior drivers it syncs fine. But still problem persist, RGB lighting will turn off when monitor is off or standby (which is good) but when turning it back on it does not turn back on unless I select light in motion to be on also. 

Customer Service Agent

Hi @EthanJL721 @Presley5 @DessyG ,

thank you very much for bringing up this issue. 

Our backend team has received the feedback and is actively working on it. Please be patient. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Thank you very much.

Also, I don't know if this has anything to do with that specific issue but I wanted to let you know that I'm not using the default tripod stand that comes with the monitor, yet a Dual monitor arm I bought separetely.

I can't recall if the Aura Lighting issue was there since Day One or not (I kept the default stand only for a week or two).

Level 9

Snap, I updated my thread on the same subject before checking this one. Nothing to add except maybe other than on my end, if light in motion is on 5minutes after display goes into standby, aura rgb stays synced. When it's off it'll turn off and won't recover for me unless y powercycle the monitor (meaning turning light in motion on and off won't work)