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PG27AQDM unstable since MCM106

Level 10

So i've noticed major issues with stability in the last 2 firmwares released by Asus, colour accuracy improvements aside i can not use the latest firmware in the current state, none of the issues i will highlight existed on MCM105.

I will point out that i do have two monitors, the issues highlight may not effect people with single displays.

- When toggling HDR on/off the second monitor acts like it's disconnecting and re-connecting (similar to extending the display in Windows) also sometimes the main monitor will hang there displaying no signal (the behaviour is random)

- When using DLDSR (especially in Alan Wake 2) the image overlaps onto the second screen, and does not scale correctly, there is also frequent flashing on/off/disconnect/re-connecting of the display when launching the game.

(Just now when i tried to test it the monitor just lost signal and the red LED at the bottom went off and i got a GPU error in game and Windows event logs telling me the driver crashed)

You might think the above issue has absolutely nothing to do with Asus or the firmware but it works flawlessly on MCM105, something isn't right with the scaling and/or the new behaviour of the monitor disconnecting/reconnecting when using HDR along with how DLDSR applies and scales to the display.

- Windows will sometimes think my second monitor is my main monitor and games will launch on the second screen.

There is also various other examples of erratic behaviour since MCM106 (screen flickering, crashing, blank screens, hanging etc) it just seems like theres an accident waiting to happen.

If you never toggle HDR or don't have multiple displays you won't notice anything but any time the display configuration is changed it seems like it's a lottery if i'll get my displays back how they were.

Driver is cleanly installed and display factory reset since updating.


Level 10

So i've added some videos to highlight my issues, like i say, none of this occurs on MCM105, games launch flawlessly, DLDSR works fine, HDR toggles quickly. My second display is an old Asus PB277, both connected via displayport.




Customer Service Agent

Hi @markob53 ,

according to your issue, please assist us in confirming the following:

  1. Is your second monitor model PB277?
  2. What firmware version is your PB277 running on?
  3. Does the flickering issue occur only when using the PG27AQDM individually?
  4. How are the two monitors connected? Are you using the cables that came with the monitors? If not, please try using the original cables for testing.
  5. Are the cables connected to the graphics card? Could you provide detailed information on the connections?
  6. Does this issue only occur when switching on and off of HDR? Does the display work fine during normal gaming?
  7. Please ensure that both monitors' OSD settings are set to default.
  8. Please provide us with the model numbers of your devices (MB/CPU/GPU/PSU, etc.), as well as the graphics card driver/OS version/BIOS version.
  9. If possible, please try cross-testing with another graphics card to see if the issue persists.

Thank you.

Providing detailed device specifications (MB/CPU/GPU/PSU, etc.) and the respective driver versions, OS version, and BIOS version will help us analyze the issue more effectively.

Thanks for the reply.

Before i answer the questions i will say that i have partially improved the issue by uninstalling and installing both monitors drivers from the support page.

The behaviour still exists when toggling HDR (video 2) and the behaviour still exists in some games when using DLDSR (video 4)

1. Yes

2. I'm not sure, i don't think it even says the firmware version and i wasn't aware i could upgrade it

3. The flickering does not happen when i only have the PG27AQDM connected, HDR toggling is instantaneous and games with DLDSR function as intended.
4. Both monitors were connected via DisplayPort cables, the PG27AQDM connected with the cable it came with and the PB277 connected via third party solution, i have just this minute swapped out the DisplayPort cable for the latter to the HDMI cable that came with the PG27AQDM as i figured it was a higher quality cable.

I was able to launch the game once with DLDSR enabled no problem, the next time it crashed with a GPU error.

5. They are connected to the graphics card, the DisplayPort port and the HDMI port

6. The display functions fine for the most part, it's only when toggling HDR.

7. Both OSD's are set to default, i just did it again on both to double check

8. Motherboard = Asus ROG Maximus Z790 Hero

CPU = Intel Core i9 13900k

Mem = 32GB Corsair Vengeance

GPU = ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 4090

PSU = Corsair RM1000e

Driver = 555.99

OS = Windows 11 22631.3737

Bios = Version 2202

9. Unfortunately i don't have another GPU to try.

Can you confirm that the behaviour seen in Video 2 when toggling HDR shouldn't be happening? The first video and the GPU errors are random, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but the HDR toggling behaviour is consistent since MCM106 when using two displays, is this not intended behaviour?

Like i said non of my issues occur on MCM105, nothing about my setup changed other than i have a different GPU driver, HDR toggling showed a brief black screen on both monitors, i had no GPU crashes or issues with DLDSR.




Thanks for the reply.

1. The second monitor is the PB277

2. Not sure on the firmware, it doesn't seem to show that information in the monitors OSD

3. When the PG27AQDM is the only monitor connected toggling HDR is instantaneous and Alan Wake 2 launches correctly with DLDSR enabled

4. They were both connected via DisplayPort cables, the PG27AQDM with the cable it came with and the PB277 with a third party cable, however i recently swapped out the latters cable for the HDMI cable that came with the PG27AQDM as i figured it's a newer and more reliable cable, nothing changes.

5. They are both connected to the graphics card

6. When playing games, everything appears to run normally and look good

7. Both monitors OSD's have been reset several times (infact sometimes when i reset the PG27AQDM it doesn't actually reset and i have to do it again)

8.  Motherboard - Asus ROG Maximus Z790 Hero

CPU - Intel 13900k

GPU - Asus ROG Strix 4090 OC

PSU - Corsair RM1000e 

GPU Driver - 555.99

OS - Windows 11 - 22631.3737

Bios - version 2202

9. I am unable to test a new GPU at this time


Level 10

In addition to the above information here are two videos of my monitors behaviour on MCM105 for comparison.

Something else i noticed on MCM107 is that when i turn off the PC the base lighting goes off (this might be intentional and a good feature if so) but when i turn my PC on it doesn't come back on.

For now i've returned to MCM105 as everything works as intended, i just can't take advantage of the colour improvements.

Level 10

Just an update on this.

I noticed if i set the PG27AQDM to 120hz everything behaves as normal, if i toggle HDR it's a brief flash and that's it, if i run Alan Wake 2 with DLDSR it works every time, it basically behaves exactly how it does on MCM105 except at 120hz.

Does this point to any obvious solution? Possibly the cable? Although i'm using the cable that came with the monitor which i'm assuming is to spec, but if the cable is the problem how does that explain that it works fine on MCM105 or that it works fine with just one monitor connected?

Any help would be appriecated.

Edit: Also, i noticed when turning off the PC the base LED goes off but when i turn the PC on it doesn't come back on unless i turn the monitor off and on again.

Level 10

So changing the cable did nothing, tried different ports, even tried different cable with the other monitor.

Once again when i booted up the PC just now the Base LED didn't come on, the only way to get it to come on is to unplug and re-plug in the DisplayPort cable.

Surely the fact that the LED doesn't work is indication of a fault of some kind? Can anyone offer any advice on this?