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pg27aqdm screen flicker when shutting down computer

Level 7

(299) pg27aqdm screen flickering into shutdown. - YouTube

Desktop 4070ti dp 1.4 windows 11

Sometimes its flickers sometimes it does not, is anyone else experiencing this problem?


Customer Service Agent

Hi @rtsr ,

based on your video, could you please confirm whether the flickering issue occurs only when you are trying to turn off the screen, or does it happen randomly in any situation? To assist you further, could you please provide the following information:

  1. What type of signal cable are you using for your monitor, and what device is it connected to? Please provide the model.

  2. Have you updated your graphics card drivers?

  3. Have you tested with a different monitor or signal cable to see if the issue persists?

Your assistance in providing this information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

For me, it is like Switching display(Windows + P)

  • So far it seems that switching between signal and shutdown via the screen itself does not trigger this issue.

My model is PG27AQDM, bought at 2023-10-05, like fews days now.

And for you question

  1. Currently using Displayport connection with factory cable. PG27AQDM
  2. Yes, 537.42
  3. My secondary monitor is an MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD, which also uses Displayport (but the monitor is version 1.2) and I haven't had this problem so far.


Edit: Seem 2560x1440 8 bpc 240hz mode make this flicker gone.

After a series of tests

NVIDIA GPU (same 4070Ti)

The replication rate of the problem is greatly reduced when using 1440@240@10 bpc on a single screen.
The problem is still reproduced with the same probability when the primary monitor (PG27AQDM) is connected by DP and the secondary monitor is connected by HDMI.

AMD Internal Graphics (AMD Radeon(TM) Graphics)

The problem cannot be replicated when using a single screen.
This issue cannot be replicated with dual monitors (secondary monitor connected to NVIDIA GPU and AMD internal Graphics ).

Level 8

Same here and even when switching display, same os and gpu

Level 7

Glad im not the only one, i was starting to lose my mind. Also i still have these problems even with windows and nvidia updates.

It seems only trigger when using 1440p@240hz@10bpc, and with NVIDIA GPU.

Btw, did you have multi monitor setup?

Level 8

I asked and reported related issues on their official Taiwan forum, and they currently say that the relevant team is trying to replicate the issue.

And will confirm whether this situation will affect the panel or not.

I would like to ask if you have tried updating the NVIDIA GPU driver to version 545? Is there any solution?