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pg27aqdm pixel cleaning issues and questions

Level 9

I'm having some questions about the pixel cleaning of this display as it isn't explained well in the manual or there is a firmware problem with it

In the manual, states that after shutting down after 4 or more hours of use, it will automatically run a pixel cleaning



In the manual also, states that when pixel cleaning is running, the led will blink orange





When I turn off the monitor using the button, the led turns off also, and under no condition will ever go orange blinking as it should if the display was doing the required pixel cleaning and also as it does if you force pixel cleaning manually through the menu.

If you force pixel cleaning manually and you turn the display on while the orange led is blinking, it also says that the pixel cleaning failed, but this will never be the case if you turn it on after turning it off on the following minutes when the monitor should be running the pixel cleaning

So, this means only 2 things

1- Manual have a problem stating something that doesn't work as it says, and turning off the monitor through the power button, will not start pixel cleaning at all under any condition

2- Turning off the display with the on off button, will start the pixel cleaning, but there is a bug where the LED will never go orange blinking telling the user is running a pixel cleaning, and the user will not know if it's running or not, neither will tell the display that the pixel cleaning failed, so probably is not running at all

So, what's the case with the display? Is there a mistake in the manual and the monitor will only  run pixel cleaning when the user force it manually? Or there is a bug in the firmware and the pixel cleaning will run after pushing the on/off monitor button but the orange led blinking is not working as expected?

maybe the manuall have a lost in translation or something like that, or maybe the pixel cleaning will only run if you turn off the computer but leave the display on standby with energy?

any idea?


Super Moderator

Hi there,

Can you confirm what firmware you're on?

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Latest one, MCM104, bought it this week and came with the latest one.

Level 9

any idea?

as much as I try to find info on inet, no one have a clue how pixel cleaning works in this monitor and solve my questions, that are not clear even in the manual.

Hi Pepe,

No worries. The FAQ doesn't mention your specific panel, I'll get some confirmation.

As I understand it:

Pixel Cleaning - never forced

Manually Enable - LED flash orange 5X for start and end.

Auto Pixel Cleaning every time monitor turns off - reminder duration will NOT reset if cleaning cycle is not complete.

Auto Pixel Cleaning every time monitor in standby.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Main thing is, the LED orange never blinks if the pixel cleaning is not forced manually, neither on standby nor turned off after more than 4 hours of continous use, so I don't know if its running or is just bugged and it never works at all unless I force it manually.

Thanks  Silent_scone


Level 9


Level 7

I notice the same that MrPaco

If I shutdown the monitor, it never do the Automatic PIxel Cleaning.. because the LED is off and never will blink.

If I on windows screensaver, or let the monitor on Stand By, it didn't do the Automatic Pixel Cleaning. (but sometimes its blinking about 30 seconds) Not 6 minutes like manual said.

If I force Pixel Cleaning on Windows desktop, It do it, but blinks about 2-3 minutes, not 6 minutes like manual said.

Level 9

worst thing is ASUS is just shrugging and doing nothing on a 1000€ display, no communication, no fixes, and worse, the display is advertised as gsync compatible verified, and nvidia says that it isn't and the latest drivers introduced flickering when gsync is enabled at any framerate.