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PG27AQDM in standby mode and when i start windows monitor turn on then off.

Level 7

Could you please advise why there are so many issues with a 999$ monitor? At this moment when i turn my computer on and windows loads the monitor with flash on and off with a black screen.

Any info on this would be great, please help.


thank you


Customer Service Agent

Hi @rtsr ,

based on your issue, may I ask could you specify what type of device your monitor is connected to, whether it's a laptop or a desktop? Also, let us know which type of signal cable you are using (VGA/DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort).  May I ask which graphic card you're currently using? It is suggest that you can follow the steps accoridng to the following link.

[LCD Monitor] Troubleshooting - No display after turning monitor ON | Official Support | ASUS Global

Also, in oeder to better assist you, could you record a video demonstrating the error your PG27AQDM encounter? Thank you.

 It is connected to a desktop computer via display port 1.4 cable going into a 4070ti. Yes i will have to video the monitor every time it turn on or off as there are so many issues with this monitor.


Ok here you go i got a good video of it flickering durning windows startup.

(298) pg27aqdm flickering on windows startup - YouTube

Customer Service Agent

Hi @rtsr ,

thanks for providing the video, may I ask could you record a full video about you connect the graphic card to the monitor via DP?
Have you update the graphic driver to the latest version?
Have you cross test with other signal cable? Whether the issue still occur?
Thank you.

You want to see a video of me connecting the monitor to the graphics card via dp?

yes most current driver

have not cross tested cable, i am using the one that came with the monitor, i will try a different cable.