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PG27AQDM HDR looks bad with Orange colours

Level 9

I've had the monitor for around a month now, Firmware 105 fixed the blown-out skin tones which was great, but one issue that seems to still persist is how poorly Orange colours are handled in HDR, specifically at 6500K Colour Temp. They either appear as way too Orange, or it appears as a dark purple in lit rooms.

I've got some example images below that show the issue I'm having: 





On 6500K, the area around the Candles looks like a deep Purple, which isn't how it should look and isn't how it looks in HDR 8200K, or any SDR colour temp. 
Using HDR 8200K seems like the obvious solution, but on the whole 8200K just looks very washed out and colours fail to pop at all, even with boosted Saturation from the HDR calibration tool. 

Is this something other people are experiencing also? Or is this a case that I've gotten a bad panel (it's fine otherwise).

If this is something the firmware team are aware of, can we expect a future Firmware version to reduce or eliminate this issue? 


Level 7

Yes! I have this exact same thing, same conditions. I hope they fix this.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Joshy25 @aurance ,

based on your issue, are you encountering the problem of excessive orange tint when using firmware version 105? 

Did this issue occur in the previous version? 

Could you please specify the desired configuration or state you would like in terms of firmware version? 

Your confirmation is appreciated. Thank you.

Providing detailed device specifications (MB/CPU/GPU/PSU, etc.) and the respective driver versions, OS version, and BIOS version will help us analyze the issue more effectively.

Yes, this occurred in 105, as well as in 104.

For me, the color tinting did not occur on 104, but it did on 105. Otherwise identical symptoms as Joshy25.

Just to update my previous reply, I've done some more in-depth testing between the firmware versions, and this issue with Orange colours does not appear on Firmware 104, only 105. 

Basically, that means that the changes made to fix the skin-tones with 105 have inadvertently developed this issue with Orange colours.

Level 9

Another example, this time from a movie.IMG_4569.png






I just try it on MCM106, 6500K still have this problem.

Level 9

Do you by any chance own Alan Wake 2? If so, can you test it in HDR and let me know if it looks like it does on my PG27AQDM?
This is the link to my post:
Cause the screenshots you provided above look awfully similar to how Alan Wake 2 looks on mine in HDR.

I do own Alan Wake 2 and have noticed the same issue there, although not to that extent. I initially noticed the issue on Saga's 2nd visit to Cauldron Lake, after Mulligan escaped the morgue, when walking down towards the FBC Monitoring Station the Orange tree leaves appeared Purple to me, but that was about all I noticed.

I'm not currently able to test that area because I think I've passed where the lodge is lit by the orange lighting.