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PG27AQDM HDR color problem on mac and ps5

Level 8

When HDR is enabled, the SDR color with HDR mode on is totally over-saturated on ps5 and mac. Perhaps the newest 104 has fixed the color problem on pc, but it make other platforms a lot worse. I have to roll it back to 102 which fixed the over saturated color under HDR mode, but it’s still slightly washed out for both hdr and sdr content. I have a perfect HDR monitor MQ16AH, which is perfect out of the box and have 0 problem in HDR mode for all platforms, for comparison. My suspection is that the ASUS engineers turned the color saturation all the way up to fix the pc color since mcm 103 but it messed up colors on other platforms as a result.





Level 8

Here is the picture for the over saturated color on PG27AQDM


Level 9

It didn't really fix anything on the PC either lol. I mean... it do look a bit better for how SDR content look in HDR mode but the main problem is still there: HDR content still looks bad on this monitor. Some elements still looks oversaturated or very poorly calibrated on every platforms. The priority of HDR mode is to display HDR content correctly and it's not the case atm.

I mean.. just watch how bad it is:

Even my old IPS have a much much better colors/saturation/sharpness calibration.

Please Asus fix this.

Level 8

Definitely…. the worst hdr tone mapping I’ve ever seen on such a pricy monitor… my $400 MQ16AH does the job much much better. I just discovered there are serious color banding problems too. I can’t believe it happens on a 10bit panel. They should have tweaked everything well before releasing this monitor.. Not acceptable at this price..

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @RexCW and @Canaan 

As my reply comment in Canaan's other post indicates, after confirmation from the relevant departments, it has been determined that the changes in the firmware MCM104 version were indeed made to adjust the HDR saturation.
If you are experiencing excessive saturation on your display, we recommend trying to roll back the firmware update to the MCM103 version to see if it improves the situation.
Meanwhile, your feedback and suggestions have been collected and provided to the relevant departments for further consideration and evaluation.

Thank you.