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PG27AQDM flickering with gsync and latest nvidia drivers. Still not certified by nvidia for gsync

Level 9

1. The display is being sold as gsync compatible

2. nvidia never certified the display as gsync compatible and is still not recognized today by nvidia drivers

3. With the monitor not being officially supported by gsync, we are on our own dealing with this false advertising and since the 545.XX nvidia drivers, the monitor flickers constantly on dark scenes of games when using gsync at any framerate, 60, 100, 237 capped, 240, you name it

Can you please certify the display already to avoid this problems, contact nvidia to tell them to fix the flickering on even games like LOL?

I guess not because asus dgaf about this monitor neither the customers as seen here when no one answers to the huge list of problems we are dealing with, but at least maybe someone will read this indexed on google and can save themselves of purchasing it.


Level 9

I am getting this monitor delivered today and If this screen Flickers and also the G-Sync does not work it is going back to the shopAsus describes the product certified G-Sync Compatible and also claim that the screen is TÜV Flicker-free. UK law - "You must describe your product accurately. This means if you make a claim about your product, you must be able to prove what you say".


Marketing and advertising: the law: Overview - GOV.UK (


A response from Asus would be helpful to clear things up and hopefuly asure that these issue's are resolved.




Customer Service Agent

Hi @MrPacoPepe ,

upon verification, the PG27AQDM is indeed G-Sync certified, as indicated on the Nvidia official website. 

GeForce G-SYNC Monitors: Manufacturers & Specs (

Could you please clarify whether the screen flickering occurs when G-Sync is enabled? 

Additionally, is your screen resolution set to 2560x1440, and have you considered the refresh rate at 240Hz? 

Have you attempted cross-testing with other devices/cables? Ensure all firmware and drivers are updated to the latest versions. 

Moreover, would it be possible for you to record a video demonstrating the screen flickering issue when G-Sync is activated?

Thank you for your cooperation.


Upon verification, the PG27AQDM is indeed Nvidia G-Sync certified. 
The official Nvidia website lists models that have undergone official certification, and without this certification, the technology cannot be utilized. 
Regarding driver issues, it's recommended to check with the graphics card manufacturer to confirm if they plan to release compatible drivers. Thank you.

As for the screen flickering problem, have you attempted cross-testing with different graphics cards, cables, and connecting devices? If you have exhausted all troubleshooting steps and the issue persists, we recommend sending the monitor for repair. Our engineers will conduct diagnostics. 

Thank you.

I’m having the same issue. Please advise why this is sold as g sync compatible but has flicker when you enable g sync. This isn’t a cheap monitor. What’s the deal, asus? 

Level 9

I have made a short video and uploaded it to YouTube this is showing the flickering, and it also shows the warning that the screen is not Validated as G-SYNC compatible.

 I am in disagreement with you as the PG27AQDM is not yet Validated for G-sync if you look on the list it says that a future driver is needed so it is not validated yet.

Future Driver needed.jpg

I have attached three screen shots 1st from the Official Nvidia G-sync list showing that a future driver is needed , 2nd from the Nvidia control panel showing a warning message that the screen is not validated and the 3rd picture 
shows what to expect from a validated g-sync monitor.

As to your questions I will clarify 

The screen is flickering only when G-Sync is enabled.
The screen is set to its native resolution of 2560/1440 240Hz
I have tested on multiple systems with differnt Nvidia GPU'S but the same issue persists, and have also tried different cables and they are also display port 1.4 Vesa certified nothing wrong with the cables
I have made a video demonstrating the screen flickering issue when G-Sync is activated please check the link

PG27AQDM G-Sync Flicker - YouTube

As to my original post on this forum there is a helpful video, and I put a timestamp on it which has someone that is at the Nvidia G-Sync labs, and they explain how G-sync is tested and validated and also explains why monitors will flicker and cause blanking when they are not validated.

I have done a fair amount of research about G-SYNC and understand how it works and have a good understanding of the technology. G-Sync does not work on the PG27AQDM at this time and needs a future update once it passes the Nvidia G-Sync validation program.

Once the monitor passes Nvidia's tests for G-SYNC then the Validated experience  you can expect will be - No Flickering, Blanking, Artifacts and G-SYNC will be on by default. The exsperiance you can expect is on this picture below or you can check the attached pictures.



I was under the impression the flicker when G-Sync is active is a flaw in ALL OLED displays.

If you Google "G-Sync OLED flicker" there's many many many threads across many different monitors reporting this issue, it's not specific to this monitor, it's to do with the gamma levels fluctuating at variable refresh rates.

If this is true then what Asus (and other manufacturers) fail to tell us is that flicker exists as a by product to owning an OLED screen.

Obviously it's still annoying that manufacturers aren't being honest about G-Sync performance, but as i understand it the issue cannot be fixed, it's not possible and the only way is to wait until OLED tech matures and allows G-Sync to function correctly.

I hope i'm wrong on this and a simple driver update fixes it, but every thread i've seen says this is normal for all OLED's.

At first i was bummed as ive been using G-Sync for nearly 10 years, but i disabled it and not noticed any negative effects in my games.

flickering is a problem to all oleds at low hz like 40/60hz

at 240hz native resolution, flickering is non existant on oleds and this is a bug with this specific display, one of the dozens the display have and ASUS never bothered to fix.

And the reason of why I ended returning the display and forgetting about purchasing any other of this brand.

I have the Dell Ultrawide OLED and it doesn't have this issue.
G-sync is not working on this ASUS model. You can easily tell because when you drop below 240 fps there is insane stutter/tearing. G-sync is supposed to be smooth when going below max refresh rate, given you're in the monitors Hz range for G-sync.

Yes i misspoke, the comment below me is correct.

If your panel is only G-Sync compatible then below a low refresh rate you may see flicker, but above it should be smooth, like on your Dell.

The issue is the the LG panel that the Asus monitor uses and the issue is also present on LG screens using the same panel.

Fortunately i've seen no downsides to disabling G-Sync, certainly when running at high FPS, no tears or stutter, although that still doesn't make it acceptable.