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PG27AQDM Flicker issue

Level 8

Hey, just wanted to say that this issue from the post:

is still relevant for the PG27AQDM. Sadly the forum doesn't let me reply so I am starting a new thread. Today I had the same issue, and also could only resolve it by removing the power plug  and draining the rest of the power by holding the power button. Maybe someone from Asus should still look into this issue ?


Customer Service Agent

Hi @cyberc33 ,

could you please provide a detailed description of the situation when the issue occurs? 

Does this problem occur only in the current version, or did it also happen in previous versions? Have you tested with other devices or signal cables? 

What type of signal cable are you using for the connection? Can you provide the model of your graphics card? 

Would it be possible for you to provide a video of the issue when it happens, as well as the steps to reproduce it? 

Does the flickering issue occur consistently every time? Also, could you please send the serial number of the monitor and a screenshot of the firmware version via private message? Thank you.


The Situation is that the monitor worked fine the day before. On the day of the issue, I just started the monitor and immediately saw the flickering. I googled the issue and found the forum post + the link to reddit. I did exactly what the Post said and the issue was resolved (It did not re-appear till now).
The problem only ocurrred on the current version of the monitor (MCM105)
I use the displayport cable which came with the monitor.
I have an ASUS RTX 4080 strix oc GPU.
Sadly I do not have a video, but the linked reddit post does and it looked the same.
Does the flickering issue occur consistently every time? -- NO it only occured once (till now)


Just want to chime in and say I get flicker too every now and then, but only in games.  What stops the flicker for me is unchecking the "Enable settings for the selected display model".

Display specific settings.png

I will lean towards Nvidia providing a future driver update to resolve the flicker.

G-Sync Compatible.png