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PG27AQDM - Color Banding

Level 7


I have got a PG27AQDM with some serious Color Banding issues in dark / black areas. This Problem already popped up shortly after first usage, but was fixable with updating the firmware to MCM104 and/or driver updating. 3 weeks afterwards this issue popped up again, and is not fixable for me anymore. IMG-6399.jpgIMG-6400.jpg

This problem is visible with any content. Does not matter if i watch content on youtube in 4k, netflix app or any Games. It also appears in the HDR mode, which is not a primary mode for me though. the following solutions has been tried:

resetting the monitor, firmware MCM104, MCM103, HDMI or Displayport, several cables, every ****** monitor setting which is available

my Computer is software and driver wise up to date

do you guys have any other tips for fixing the problem? or is it a hardware issue and i have to get a replacement? or is this going to happen with any other OLED Monitors?

thank you, Juergen


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @jdoubleu 

We apologize for the delayed response and any inconvenience it may have caused.
Regarding your statement about the occurrence after updating MCM104 and using it for 3 weeks, could you please confirm? Could you also refer to the instructions provided in [LCD Monitor] ASUS OLED Monitor Protection Mechanism regarding Pixel Cleaning and perform it 3–4 times to see if it helps recalibrate the display?

Thank you.

Level 8

Based on the provided information, it seems that you are experiencing color banding issues with your PG27AQDM monitor in dark or black areas. Initially, updating the firmware and drivers seemed to fix the problem, but after three weeks, the issue reappeared and couldn't be resolved. Other users have also reported similar problems with washed-out HDR colors and incorrect HDR curve on this monitor model. There are no specific additional tips or solutions mentioned in the available information. It's possible that the issue may require further troubleshooting or contacting the manufacturer for a replacement, considering it might be a hardware issue.

Level 7

I have 2 PG27AQDM, and both exhibit very bad color banding in all situations, SDR, HDR, factory default,or recalibrated by Spyder X. Lucky I didn't replace my main monitor with this model.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @macbrush 

To avoid any confusion in the replies, I have already updated the response in the thread you posted. 

Thank you.