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pg27aqdm adding what looks like haze to monitor with gsync on. (video)

Level 7

Please see video, it looks like its adding haze to the monitor when switching between monitors. Does not matter is full screen or windowed. also does the same think with only one monitor. Everything is up to date have tried different cables already.


(644) gsync causing haze on monitor. pg27aqdm - YouTube


Customer Service Agent

Hi @rtsr ,

based on your issue, may I ask which cable you're currently using?

Have you try to cross test with other cable? Did the issue still occur?

May I ask could you provide the current monitor setting you set (refresh rate/ resolution) or have you open any function?

If you set all setting to default, whether the haze issue still occur?

Have you make sure that all the driver and firmware is at the latest version?

May I ask when did the issue occur? Have you make any chnage then the issue occur?

Did the issue occur only when playing the game?

Have you try any troubleshooting steps that can reduce the haze?

Please help confirm, thank you.