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pg248qp issue double monitor triple monitor

Level 7

i own 3 pg27aqns and i cant get them all to work on 360hz one monitor has to be always on sleep mode.

I wanted to know if this is the case for the pg248qp 540hz monitor too. Can it be used as a double monitor setup or even a triple monitor setup?


Customer Service Agent

Hi @invictusr7 ,

To determine if your system can simultaneously connect to three displays, it's essential to check whether your current graphics card supports multi-monitor setups. Please review the specifications of your graphics card for confirmation.

Regarding the issue with the PG27AQNS, where one display must be in sleep mode when set to 360Hz, could you please record a video for our reference? Additionally, does this problem persist with a specific display in sleep mode, or does it vary? 

Whether all three displays don't show any image when one of the monitor not in sleep mode, have you checked the monitor settings? 

You can refer to the FAQ provided here: FAQ Link.

Concerning the PG248QP and the ability to use three displays at 540Hz, aside from verifying graphics card compatibility, it's essential to have an NVIDIA RTX 20 series or newer graphics card and the latest Windows operating system to enable the 540Hz (OC) refresh rate. Please refer to the product specifications link here: Product Specifications Link. Thank you.

There are many threads on this forum regarding pg27aqns incompatibility with a triple monitor setup. i dont want to deal with your check graphics card specification confirmation etc. i own top spec computer with a rtx 4090 and whatever it comes with at max. it doesnt run it for me on anything win 10 11 i tested it all. nothing. on pg248qp i came to another problem which will cause me to return it probably ill make another thread. im waiting for a new cable to come so i can test if 2x pg27aqns work and 1x pg248qp or its still limited.