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Need clarification/help on when pixel cleaning runs - PG27AWQDM

Level 7

Monitor is PG27AQDM on MCM105. I read the manual, searched this forum and online. I see conflicting answers and do not understand the behavior. I have tried the below:

1. Turn the monitor off with the physical off button. Power LED goes off, so I dont think pixel cleaning is running when the monitor is off.

2. Set windows power plan to turn the monitor off after 30 minutes of inactivity. The monitor shows "No Displayport connected" and I do see the power LED go from Red to Orange. However I never see the LED flash orange to indicate that pixel cleaning is running.

3. Run pixel cleaning manually from the monitor. This works correctly.

Am I misunderstanding something ? Shouldn't #1 and/or #2 above trigger pixel cleaning ? I really hope one of these should work as manually running pixel cleaning is not a good design.



Super Moderator

Hi @Darkness1015 ,

As I understand it, the activation of the pixel-cleaning function is influenced by the selected
power setting.

  • In Standard Mode, pixel cleaning initiates automatically five minutes after entering Standby mode, experiencing No Signal, or when in Sleep Mode/Shutdown.
  • Pixel cleaning does not commence in Power Saving Mode following a computer shutdown or when entering Sleep Mode.


I've moved this thread to ROG Care for customer service in case there is anything else that can be elaborated on.

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"entering Standby mode, experiencing No Signal, or when in Sleep Mode/Shutdown." I am not seeing this behavior. The only time I see the Power LED flash orange (pixel cleaning) is when I run it manually. My power setting is Standard Mode

Hi @Darkness1015 ,

based on your inquiry, let me explain the mechanism of the pixel cleaning process. 

When the monitor detects no signal from the host computer and enters standby mode (indicated by an orange light), it will initiate pixel cleaning, which takes approximately 6 minutes. If the monitor is powered on, the pixel cleaning process will stop. 

Additionally, when the monitor is in standby mode (indicated by an orange light), the behavior of the AURA LED (LED on the back of the monitor) is as follows:

  • If the USB Hub is set to On During Standby, the AURA LED will not turn off when entering Standby mode, even after pixel cleaning, and will remain on.

You can refer to the following picture.

Thank you.

Ok so the orange light will not flash as stated otherwise ?