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Monitor ASUS ROG Swift PG27AQN 360hz has it problem with HDR auto turn off/on during games.

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Hello guys,

It is my first post here, hope you are all doing great.

Im struggeling with the problem of getting my HDR autmoaticlly turned off/on during the games on Monitor ASUS ROG Swift PG27AQN.
At start it was rare, that i havent even noticed it, now it became much more often. \
Screen goes black for 1s and turns back into the game.
Sometimes it crashes all the system. Im palying at 360HZ.
My setup is ready to make even 800FPS in CS:GO.

Anyways, i bought this monitor for gaming @ CS:GO, and in this game even 1s of black screen is very disturbing.

Even if i try to make the 3D MARK testrun from STEAM, by every change of the graphics the monitor turns off/on itself with HDR info display.
It showes the communicate that HDR is turned on after the black screen.

And please, do not tell me to turn off the warning info, as i have done it already and then the screen is going black for 1s anyways.

Is there any firmware to make it work or should i be giving back the monitor to ASUS?

My build:
Windows 11
Be quiet! Pure Power 12 M 1000W (BN345)
AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D, 4.2 GHz, 96 MB, BOX (100-100000910WOF)
Palit GeForce RTX 4090 GameRock 24GB GDDR6X (NED4090019SB-1020G)
SSD Kingston KC3000 2TB M.2 2280 PCI-E x4 Gen4 NVMe (SKC3000D/2048G)
Corsair Vengeance RGB, DDR5, 32 GB, 6000MHz, CL30 (CMH32GX5M2B6000Z30K)

So as you can see, i spent a lot of money to have a top gaming set up, and now it happens which is making me sad and unable to perform as i wish to do.

Any advises? I will be glad to hear some, maybe some of you struggled with same problem?




Customer Service Agent

Hello, @HDSTR 

May I ask if you are using a DP cable for the connection? Could you provide the specific values for the resolution frequency and color format when set to 360 Hz?
Regarding the detailed scenario you mentioned, when you enable HDR, sometimes the screen goes black for a second before reappearing, and sometimes it causes the system to crash.
Are you referring to a system reboot? Does this scenario only occur when playing CS:GO? Are there no similar issues with other games or videos when HDR is enabled? Have you tried cross-testing with other cables, monitors, or graphics cards?
Additionally, please provide the graphics card driver version and a complete recorded video of the issue when it occurs, if possible.

Thank you.

Due to the ongoing regional holidays, my responses may be slightly delayed.
Thank you in advance for your patience.‌‌‌‌ 🙂

Hello, thanks for answer, yes im using displayport as connection.

I have been testing few more times yesterday and here are the scenarios:

1) Whatever HDR is on or HDR is off, im still getting the blackout between the sections on 3D MARK. Exactly same blackout happens during the CS:GO.
More over i have windows 11, but i borrowered computer from my brother and tried the 3D MARK. He has windows 10, and there was no blackout in between sections.
On Windows 11 HDMI works exactly the same, the screen goes black and then on again.

2) Variable Backlight - Windows 11, sometimes it happens to turn off the light at the screen. Screen is getting very dark then. What i mean is that when it is enabled on any of the level 1-3, i get dark screen from time to time.
To get back to brighter screen i have to set it back manualy to be turned of the opiton in the of display.

3) Variable Baclight - Windows 10, when i have selected screen display after 1minute, and then turn of the monitor after 2 minutes it goes differently. Whenever i try to comeback to normal working screen it gets dark, and again i have to make it bright manually.

4) Windows 11 - Few times during the long games(up to 5hours in CS:GO) i had my computer gone to black screen. Monitor turns off, and i still can hear some people on discord, but next minute it goes off, and all i can do i reboot the computer. Even if i was replacing displayport it did not work to wake up the screen again.


Palit GeForce RTX 4090 GameRock 24GB GDDR6X (NED4090019SB-1020G)
Drivers : GeForce Game Ready
531.79 date of realse 05/02/2023

The Described problems occure in CS:GO, but during the other things i do at computer also. Not very often, from time to time, but i feel it should not happen at all.

Here is the link to youtube video:

Let me know if this is all info, thats needed.

HDSTRustawienia monitora.png

Level 7

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @HDSTR 

I apologize for the wait. Thank you for sharing the testing details.
May I also have the driver version of the display and GPU in Windows 10 and Windows 11?
Regarding problem 1, could you please provide the specific values for the resolution, refresh rate, and color format when set to 360 Hz?
For problems 2 and 3, could you kindly provide a video recording of the scenario, similar to the two video clips you provided earlier? 
For problem 4, when the screen goes black, does the computer shut down as well, or does only the screen turn off? In this situation, if you press the power button on the screen, does the display resume?
Regarding all the questions, would it be possible to perform cross-testing with other monitors to eliminate any potential issues?

Thank you.

Due to the ongoing regional holidays, my responses may be slightly delayed.
Thank you in advance for your patience.‌‌‌‌ 🙂

Level 7


This happens to me as well.. in csgo using windows 10 dp cable 3090 asus card the screen goes black for 1 second.

this happens to me as well in csgo…the screen goes black for  1second

Level 7

me to  same issue csgo and other games   plus i cant use the second monitor because off Video laggs sound lags and more.  only if the 360 hz monitor activ   if not all is working