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Keeping the threads on the terrible v29 firmware for the PG48UQ alive

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The title pretty much says it all. There are at least five separate threads on this issue now and it blows my mind that ASUS still has the broken firmware up. All other threads have little to no engagement from support, much less an acknowledgement that the firmware is the issue. They wind up locked with no action from their end. 

Threads in question:


HDR is broken on the v29 "HDR Fix" firmware.  Black levels are atrocious and cause shadows to look grey with little to no contrast. Colors are also broken, like it's an overexposure or saturation issue.  

These issues have been well documented for months without any action from ASUS about it.  As I and others have stated before, reverting to v28 is not ideal, but leagues ahead of the current release.  Very frustrating coming from a $1,500 high-end monitor. ASUS needs to remove the problem firmware and acknowledge the issue rather than ignoring and locking threads. 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Nemesis_T-Type ,

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the inconvenience you've experienced, but please rest assured that our backend team has taken note of the issue and is working diligently to resolve it.

During this process, we kindly ask for your patience. Once the problem is resolved, we will notify you immediately.

Thank you.

Providing detailed device specifications (MB/CPU/GPU/PSU, etc.) and the respective driver versions, OS version, and BIOS version will help us analyze the issue more effectively.

Hi Aureliann_ROG

I appreciate someone from the team stepping up and acknowledging the issue. That is very reassuring. I am looking forward to the resolution. 

Hi @Aureliannn_ROG 

Any news on a fix? This thread is *pretty recent but initial bug reports is 6 months old...

Thank you for not letting this issue go by. It's ridicioulus, how ASUS not only boast about how "astonishing" this monitors HDR performance is yet it's one the worst I have ever seen from a 1,500e monitor no less but they also haven't issued a fix for such a long time.

Level 8

@Aureliannn_ROG will you also let this thread close like others with no answer?


Level 7

I'm surprised no one has sued yet. After all, the monitor just doesn't live up to its specifications.
I'm already thinking that some devices have a manufacturing defect that makes them unable to display colors correctly, and the company doesn't want to admit it.
There are enough rave reviews on the internet.
And the firmware, it's even called hdr fix.
Perhaps in some people it fixed everything and expanded the color range.
For others, on the contrary, everything broke.

Here's a picture.
Stark is sitting on a couch, there is embossed wallpaper on the wall behind, in sdr you can clearly see the embossing up to about the second square from the back of the couch.
In hdr in a dark room, without a single light source, the detail completely disappears right up to the back of the couch.
It's not a darker or more accurate color scheme, it's completely lost film detail in a dark scene. Why? Because we are the fools that Asus screwed over! Thanks everyone, everyone is free to go, maybe someday we'll do the firmware.........

I seriously won't buy any more Asus products even if they make a normal firmware.
This is the most unnerving tech I've encountered in a long time...!
This device and its mediocre software will leave the most negative impressions in my memory for a long time.

And for those who live in the US, I recommend you to contact more competent and responsible persons of the company than the moderators on the forum.
On the forum you can only get regrets and promises


Level 7

I completely forgot to tell you.
These pictures are taken with firmware v28.