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Issue with my rog pg259qnr screen suddenly white/bright

Level 7

Hey, would appreciate if anyone could maybe tell me what the issue might be my monitor was working fine last night and the colors looked great using the mode ''Racing mode'' never had any issues with the brightness nor contrast. Today when I opened my pc out of the blue everything is very bright and text is blurry and you can barely read what's written. I reset my monitor and I still had the same issue also reinstalled my GPU drivers using DDU still the same problem also checked windows/nvida brightness/contrast and it all's default and good same goes for the monitor I reset it nothing worked except when I change the mode from racing to whatever it's somewhat fine again, but I've never had an issue with the racing mode which is using 32 brightness and 50 contrast and even if I adjust the racing mode contrast/brightness it's still very off and something is very wrong. Does anyone know what could have happened? I'll provide some screenshots here to demonstrate how it looks. I wonder if the monitor is damaged?.  Text is very weird and same goes for the colors.

sc1.pngsc2.pngScreenshot 2024-02-28 063530.png




Customer Service Agent

Hi @nerasarn ,

based on your issue, have you ensured that all cables are properly connected? 

Have you tried cross-testing with other signal cables to ensure that the issue is not caused by a connection problem?

We suggest resetting all settings of the monitor to factory defaults and then power cycling it.

If you have confirmed that the cables are properly connected, the display drivers are up to date, and you have reset the monitor settings but the issue still persists, we recommend sending the monitor to the nearest official repair center for further diagnosis by our engineers. 

Thank you.