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Issue with HDR on monitor and with freesync?

Level 7

So I use an ASUS swift pg32uq monitor, I have this weird issue, YouTube doesn't play HDR content on Xbox series x properly, gets super dark and writing flickers white. if I don't use HDR console mode instead of the other HDR modes. But every other app works fine on the other modes? Why is YouTube the only app that won't work with ASUS gaming mode, ASUS cinema mode, just console HDR Mode? Doesn't do it on the ps5 though with YouTube.

Just want to know Is this normal?

I contacted ASUS and they told me to contact Google.

There exact message

"Customer Service Feedback

Dear Stephen Butler,

Thank you for contacting the ASUS UK Support Team. We value you as a customer and your satisfaction is of the upmost importance to us, so please feel free to give us your feedback. My name is Aurel and it would be my pleasure to assist you in any way possible. Regarding your first query, since you've mentioned that the HDR works fine in any other program/app, unfortunately it seems solely isolated to a single app. Since YouTube video encoding is over our legal attributes (it belongs as an intellectual property right of Google), I can only suggest contacting Google support for further clarifications. "

Do you think the Xbox or monitor is broke, or just compatibility issue?

 it's weird how only console HDR mode works for YouTube but the hdr modes are fine for everything else lol. Also have this other weird issue with variable refresh rate.

Noticed this weird issue with my Xbox series x. There's a feature on it called overclock which pushes the regular Hz from 144 to 155 so normally I turn it off after using my PC but forgot to. So was playing my Xbox and decided to turn off overclock mode, when i realized I'd left it on. But when I do my resolution turns down to 720p and max It let's me change is to, is 1080p and doesn't allow me to change the Hz and all the game mode features like allow 4k, HDR, etc... everything is grayed out. Turning on overclock mode fixes everything back to normal.

The issue seems to be free sync premium pro. If I enable that without overclock on. It forces my Xbox to 720p. This is strange. But if I turn it off with overclock off the Xbox runs fine except it won't let me enable variable refresh rate without overclock mode being on.

Or is this normal also, PlayStation doesn't seem to need any of these tweaks