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Is Alan Wake 2 supposed to look like this on my PG27AQDM in HDR?

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Hey everyone,

Just opened up Alan Wake 2 to try it out in HDR and found that it looks really weird on my PG27AQDM (referring to the weird hue on the right part of the ceiling). I have already run the HDR calibration tool on Windows 11 and messed with the in-game settings to make it go away but nothing seems to work. I'm on the latest firmware too (105). Does the game look like that on your PG27AQDM or is it my unit that's faulty?

Alan Wake 2.jpg


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while i dont use HDR, the color gradient problems you have look a lot like what i am experiencing in SDR as well, even though its not as pronounced. It seems that the monitor has massive problems with smoothly separating darker shades of color.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @VGeorge ,

based on your inquiry, could you please record a video showing the abnormal colors when HDR is enabled for our reference? 

Does this issue only occur when playing Alan Wake 2? 

Did it start happening after you updated the firmware to version 105? 

If you revert to the previous firmware version, does the issue still persist? 

Your assistance in confirming these details would be appreciated. 

Thank you.

Providing detailed device specifications (MB/CPU/GPU/PSU, etc.) and the respective driver versions, OS version, and BIOS version will help us analyze the issue more effectively.

I get this same blueish tint also, on firmware 105. Going back to 103 fixes it. Going to 8200 HDR temperature also fixes it. It happens on all videos and games I’ve tested. 

Wrong reply

I also have this dark-orange to purple mentioned by the OP in HDR 6500K mode.

Another issue is the gamma curve very near to the deepest shadows. It's too bright. Parts of a scene that is meant to be almost pitch black are portrayed grey and clearly visible. Worst, those grays don't transition smoothly to absolute black, but turn dark very steeply, giving shadows an unnatural shape.

This is the link for the video:

Haven't tried any other games in HDR since I mostly play fast-paced games and don't really care for it.

I have had the same issue with both MCM104 and MCM103.


Uploaded by George Vakamis on 2024-02-20.

Level 7

Me too don't worry is not ur monitor problem..this product is failed and they fix nothing after 1 year

My game does not look like this, either his monitor is poorly configured or it's faulty.

One tip: HDR mode in the OSD should be set to 'Asus Console HDR', this is the mode that gets me closest the advertised 1000 nits and HDR calibration software peaks at around 900 nits in this mode, implying this is the most accurate.

Alan Wake 2 uses the colour profile created by the calibration tool to accurately display HDR, so if this is wrong the game might look bad, also it explains in it's menus that HGIG should be used where available and i had read somewhere that 'Console HDR' is the closest to this (although i can't be certain on that last part).

Either way 'Console HDR' should be the correct setting, try it and see if it improves things.

Well I have the purple problem everywhere using the 6500K mode, in games and movies, inf Gaming, Cinema or Console mode. I've used the Windows HDR Calibration Tool with the Console mode (supposedly HGiG, whatever this means), and that gives me a fairly consistent 880-ish nits peak (with the tool, I have no calibration hardware). But viewing content the Console mode in 6500K get highlights clipped more easily (in contrast to the Cinema mode that has a dimmer peak brightness in highlights). Also the 6500K mode saturates reds too much and a lot of detail is lost.

I'll try to illustrate these issues (I don't have a professional camera, this is the best I can do with the phone, autocorrections off and fixed white balance for all photos).

Saturation and loss of detail in 6500KSaturation and loss of detail in 6500KPurple halo around flames in 6500KPurple halo around flames in 6500KClipping in Console mode 6500KClipping in Console mode 6500KGamma too bright in shadowsGamma too bright in shadows