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How to turn rog swift oled pg27aqdm off

Level 8

Hello guys

where is the power off button?

evereytime when i want to turn it off its like a standby mode. It dont show me start logos like when i opened it fresh.

pls help me


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Kenofresh 

May I ask if you have consulted the ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM user manual and tried pressing the power button located below the screen?
If necessary, please refer to the instructions and the reference to the indicator light colors on page 1-7 of the user manual, or the image below for guidance.


Thank you.

Hello @Jiaszzz_ROG 

iam pressing the button number 3 but its like stanby mode the logo goes off but the bottom led is still on and when i press the button again its start without the start logos like it was when i fresh opened my monitor

Hi. If you press button 3 from standby mode, the monitor turns off.


does it dont work at standard mode? Only standby mode?


Level 9

Hi @Kenofresh 

Iam currently experiencing the same issue and made an post in this forum the monitor seems to go into some soort of standby mode but is still active as the stand doesnt turn off,sometimes even displays an no signal message on screen and doesnt boot up like the first boot as it should i found an temporary solution but the monitor seems to have an big issue with the turn off/turn on mechanism wich needs to fixed with an firmware update asap

More info on this post: