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Here is how bad color banding on PG27AQDM IS

Level 7

I got very bad color banding on BOTH of my 27AQDM, here is an example in MSFS. This happen in games, movies, PC, Mac, SDR and HDR, just matter of different intensity. Following Is an example , left is a Samsung mini LED while right is Asus PG27AQDM. Asus really need to fix this issue ASAP.



Customer Service Agent

Hello, @macbrush 

Thank you for your feedback.
However, there are specification differences between mini LED and OLED displays.
Additionally, if the source content exceeds the panel specifications of the display or if the signal source has been compressed, it can lead to more noticeable artifacts, which is a normal aspect of screen presentation.

Thank you.

But it's so bad that I can see those bandings in dark scenes with gradients in both movies and games.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @macbrush 

May I ask what you mean by "bandings in dark scenes"?
In order to better understand the situation you are describing, could you please provide information about the device your screen is connected to (such as the brand and specs of the VGA or laptop), the type of connection being used (HDMI or DP cable, original or not?), the settings configuration, and possibly a reference photo or video of the screen as you've described?

Thank you.