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Level 7

This monitor is fantastic as far as picture quality goes but my lord does it take time to switch fullscreen apps back to desktop mode. I have a triple monitor setup and whenever I exit a fullscreen game like COD for example or fortnite, even minecraft, it always blacks out my display for maybe 8 seconds to 30 seconds. AND sometimes it even fails to display at all.

Just last night I was switching in game resolution to 1080p(i was also on 240hz at the time) and when I clicked on another monitor it all went black and stopped displaying. Had to restart my PC. On top of this issue..I don't know if anyone else is coming across this but every now and then after switching to another screen or another game or simply the next time I power my will go from 240hz back to 120hz. Why? This has to be a bug or something. I have to disable VARIABLE REFRESH RATE and RE-Enable it for it to work. What is going on and does anyone else have the same issue?

All my drivers are updated, I even uninstalled and reinstalled them(graphics, peripherals, windows updates, etc).

I tried lower resolutions but same thing. I tried a variety of game apps and same thing. I tested my components and everything shows to be healthy and working in normal condition. I'm seriously thinking this may just be the monitor. Because until I got this monitor, everything was always working I'm getting delayed display(if at all) and graphics driver issues in the event viewer when I've never had them before. Please let me know what's going on and if this is being worked on Asus.

Always Thinking

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Kalveon ,

based on your issue, we need further information to understand and confirm the situation. 

Could you please confirm if your current issue includes the following scenarios:

  1. Does the monitor go black for 8-10 seconds when returning from full screen to the desktop? A. Does this issue only occur in specific games? 
    B. Can you provide a video of the issue when it happens?
  2. Does changing the resolution to 1080p in a game and then clicking on another monitor cause the active monitor to go black? A. How many monitors have you set up previously? Are they all PG32UCDM models? B. Could you provide a video of the issue occurring?
  3. Does the monitor occasionally switch from 240Hz to 120Hz, requiring VRR to be disabled and re-enabled to resolve the issue? A. Does this issue occur every time? Do you have a method to replicate the issue for testing? B. Are you able to provide a video of the issue happening?
  4. Is your Armoury Crate application unable to display the update center and device pages properly, requiring a disconnect and reconnect to display correctly? A. Please provide your keyboard model. B. Have ou try using the official uninstall tool to reinstall the software?
  5. To further investigate the issue, please provide a video for each scenario and include instructions on how to replicate the problem. Additionally, please provide the model of all devices (including the monitor, motherboard, graphics card, CPU), BIOS version, operating system version, monitor firmware version, Armoury Crate version, and keyboard firmware version.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

Providing detailed device specifications (MB/CPU/GPU/PSU, etc.) and the respective driver versions, OS version, and BIOS version will help us analyze the issue more effectively.

Level 9

It's because of DSC, you have to deactivate it or use the games in full screen windowed mode if you don't want to have black screens