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ROG Strix XG32UQ … can it rotate to vertical/portrait?

Hi,can anyone confirm if the ROG Strix XG32UQ monitor will rotate to stand vertically?I’m looking for a nice 32” monitor for pinball gaming and some programming in portrait display mode. Any other suggestions/advice? 

1PXL by Level 7
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Asus PG27AQDM OLED Turning off an on - Infinite Loop

Hello,So I got this monitor for just 2 days and I already have issues with it. I used it for 10 hours yesterday and after shutting down my computer the aura lights of this monitor were still on so i decided to turn off the monitor manually. After tha...

My Pg27aqdm turn off and on

I just bought the monitor yesterday and ran into this issue it turns on and off I don’t know why. please if anyone can help me with an advice or something to do that will be awesome.

Display dark till windows starts

Monitorname: ASUS ROG XG27UQRCannot see BIOS and Startup screen,when using DP Port with normal startup with HDMI no problemWhile pressing blindfolded del or F2 for BIOS entry have to turn Monitor off and on  to see BIOS surfaceUsing MSI RTX 4090 and ...

ROG Swift 360Hz PG27AQN - Brightness problem

Hi, since i got this monitor ive been having problems with the brightness.I've attached a picture of what it looks like compared to my 240hz asus monitor with similar settings and max brightness on the 360hz monitor. I've tried everything to fix it.....

Sleeb by Level 7
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Here is how bad color banding on PG27AQDM IS

I got very bad color banding on BOTH of my 27AQDM, here is an example in MSFS. This happen in games, movies, PC, Mac, SDR and HDR, just matter of different intensity. Following Is an example , left is a Samsung mini LED while right is Asus PG27AQDM. ...


VG27AQ1A has grey lines out of nowhere

So I was simply playing Runescape when out of nowhere these lines show-up. Its clearly a monitor issue since when I unplugged the VGA cable they stayed there. I bought this almost 1 year ago...

364800835_3662449707320808_1311189931944174717_n.jpg 364810044_771090954703763_2685786066679895447_n.jpg

PG27AQN brightness

Asus brightness numbers must be a scam because this thing doesnt hit anywhere near 500 nits in SDR. ULMB2 at pulse 100 is outputting 120 nits. Who quality checks these things before I buy them? 

PG27AQN doesn't output 360Hz with 3 monitors

To give all my specs first:I have the PG27AQN as main monitor, a 240Hz PG279QM and a 165Hz PG279Q as secondary monitors. All 3 are 2560x1440p monitors.I run an Asus ROG Strix 4090 with an Intel i9 13900k.I use the cables that came with the monitors a...