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PG27AQN doesn't output 360Hz with 3 monitors

To give all my specs first:I have the PG27AQN as main monitor, a 240Hz PG279QM and a 165Hz PG279Q as secondary monitors. All 3 are 2560x1440p monitors.I run an Asus ROG Strix 4090 with an Intel i9 13900k.I use the cables that came with the monitors a...


Hi, i have a problem with my monitor. The menu only has three options.. anything else are missing(not grayed out but missing). Its not even showing the reset settings option.. Please Help. thank you


PG27AQN 1080p issue (reuploaded in "Gaming Monitor" support page)

I recently bought the PG27AQN and it is an absolute delight of an upgrade from my previous (165hz,1080p) monitor. Gaming in 1440p made my gaming experience an absolute treat, paired with 360hz and ULMB 2. The response time, smoothness, motion blur re...

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PG27AQDM - Color Banding

HiI have got a PG27AQDM with some serious Color Banding issues in dark / black areas. This Problem already popped up shortly after first usage, but was fixable with updating the firmware to MCM104 and/or driver updating. 3 weeks afterwards this issue...

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pg27uq led driver module up in smoke

hello my pq27uq led driver board as burnt out and i see there as been couple of other peoples doing the same  i am  hoping  can we get replacement  led driver boards as it great screen and expensive but i thought it would last longer then it has than...

Triple PG27AQN Monitors on Windows 11 Not Working

I'm trying to get three PG27AQN monitors to work on my ASUS TUF 3090 and it won't allow me to do more than two at a time. Every single monitor works as one or in any combination of pairs but I can't get all three to work at once/together.Has anyone e...

Issue with HDR on monitor and with freesync?

So I use an ASUS swift pg32uq monitor, I have this weird issue, YouTube doesn't play HDR content on Xbox series x properly, gets super dark and writing flickers white. if I don't use HDR console mode instead of the other HDR modes. But every other ap...

PG27AQDM weird flicker issue? this an exchange? (just got this monitor 3 days ago) I have never had an issue with my AW3423DWF like this before. To get it to stop, I had to pull the power ...