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Resolved! PG34WCDM HDR needs fix

Just going to drop some photos as examples, SDR to HDR you can see that in HDR it just looks wrong and bad, pls asus fix it, the video it's in SDR but even with games that supports HDR for certain colors it just looks like the photos. Firmware MCM103...

1000005914.jpg 1000005913.jpg 1000005909.jpg 1000005912.jpg

pg32ucdm sound issues

If i connect my speakers to the lineout of the pg32ucdm monitor, and got pc connectect with a DP cable and a tv box with ultra high speed hdmi, sound volume will be 0% for some seconds as soon it get quite during watching movie at pc/tv box.It looks ...

Asus PG27AQDM OLED - why the screen randomly turns black

Hi guys,I own my screen since 6 mounths and since 1 month i have a issue my screen turns black randomly for like 3 sec and come back to normal, but it does it every 5-6 seconds idk why.Someone already faced this issue and find a solution ? I found so...

NmK by Level 7
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PG32UCDM Coil Whine when its OFF

The monitor in my eyes is an excellent all rounder with lot of features, it needs some further more stable firmware updates to fully shine but there is 1 major issue that is quite common and repeating on daily basis unfortunately so firmware updates ...

Resolved! Warranty - 34" ASUS ProArt PA348CGV Professional Monitor

Hi,So I purchased the 34" ASUS ProArt PA348CGV Professional Monitor brand new, I paid for express shipping as I wanted to have it in a timely manner and start using it.Okay so it arrives, looking nice, but when I test for dead pixels I find the follo...

Example2.jpg Example1.jpg
RAND0M7 by Level 8
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PG32UCDM 60HZ input lag

Why does the most expensive 4K 32' 240Hz QD OLED have a worse input lag at 60Hz than cheaper monitors from competitors?Is Asus aware of this? Is it planned to be fixed through a firmware update?TFTCentral measurements:I know that 10ms isn't much. But...

PG32UCDM.png AW3225QF.png FO32U2P.png MPG321URX.png

Asus PG27AQDM Rgb colors inverted issue after updating to mcm 106

Hi there Im not really sure why this happens but after updating to mcm 106 newest fw version currently, And resetting the osd after the fw update i noticed an really weird issue wich switched the aura rgb colors red, blue , cyan and yellow.  For exam...

Scar by Level 9
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PG32UCDM Color Accuracy Issue (Pre-Calibration)

The screen's built-in color calibration test report shows that the screen's color accuracy in sRGB Cal mode is about 0.5 DeltaE at its highest.I used i1Pro2 + i1Display Pro 3 for testing, the following are the test results of white pointCMF: 1931_2de...

Robot_M by Level 9
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PG27AQN shutting off with DSC enabled

Just received my PG27AQN and I'm having an issue where it will randomly shut off.  it seems to only happen with DSC enabled?on the latest firmware connected to a rtx 4080 with included display port cable. should I send it back to Amazon and get a rep...

Hara by Level 7
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PG49WCD - USB Port Reset Failure

Hi, I just installed a new PG49WGD monitor and it is impressive.  One "issue" I've noticed is that while it appears every USB port functions properly and the monitor overall seems to be working as expected, but on startup Windows throws a "USB device...