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Hi everyone ! Happy to share my PC Build with y'all

Hello everyone, I'm excited to join this community! I'd like to share my setup and the latest PC build with you all. I welcome comments and suggestions to make it even better. I hope it impresses you, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts! Buil...


PG27AQDM G-SYNC Certification - No Official Drivers

While the PG27AQDM is listed on the G-sync certification site:GeForce G-SYNC Monitors: Manufacturers & Specs ( monitor is actually not supported by any drivers yet:@asusIs there any plan to push Nvidia for official driver support? I fee...

Screenshot 2023-12-14 204345.png

PG42UQ black screen flickering issues

Hi everyone, i have a little problem with my pg42uq. Basically sometimes it start with a black screen flickering for milliseconds, really fast for some seconds. Its not a big problem cause it happens randomly, not everytime but if you can help me fix...

PG27AQDM Dark Color banding

I purchased a PG27AQDM very recently, started off by installing the new firmware (I had read about issues with prior firmware and installed MCM104,) and after some use and adjusting settings to my liking, I noticed some color banding in some games. I...


ASUS ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM weird marks on screen

Hi, sometimes (at random) I get weird marks all over my screen. Pixel Cleaning often needs more than 4 iterations to fix this issue. I have bought this Monitor less than a month ago and I am now wondering if I should contact support. It came with the...

23-12-19 00-49-31 0055.jpg 23-12-19 00-49-18 0054.jpg 23-12-19 00-49-43 0056.jpg

Help with Type-c to Display Port 60hz on PG48UQ

Hi I recently bought a Odin 2 Pro handheld device and I am able to output display port 1.4 over Type-C. So I wanted to plug it into my PG48UQ monitor. I can't get any signal. The device doesn't recognize it. I'm wondering if it's the adapter not work...


Help with HDR picture settings on PG32UQXR

Hey everyone! I just purchased the Asus PG32UQXR. I hooked up my ps5 via HDMI 2.1 and can confirm that 4k 120hz and HDR are working properly. However, I noticed that when HDR is enabled, most of the picture settings are not selectable. Is that normal...