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ASUS PG-329Q 5 colored pixels on BLACK SCREEN

Am i eligible for a change? To get a new display of same model? i paid premium price for this Display in november 2022 (less than 10 months ago) and i learned about screen tests today, so i did a test and turns out i have around 5 bright / colored pi...

20230923_020736.jpg 20230923_020725.jpg 20230923_020707.jpg 20230923_020635.jpg
CK1999 by Level 7
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Resolved! ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM Random Signal Issue

Hello all I've recently bought the Asus PG27AQDM OLED monitor and have been blown away with it. I did find an issue after using for about 2 weeks now. Randomly while in HDR I found that my screen signal starting showing scan lines and artifacting, al...

ROG pg27aqm brightness getting dimmer

Hello, i just received my ROG pg27aqm and for some reason time to time it gets dimmer, such as playing overwatch, the brightness is fine but in certain times it goes dimmer such as when behind a shield, i have HDR on and i dont have the option for un...

pksonic by Level 7
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Resolved! ROG Swift 360Hz PG27AQN can't select 360hz

Hi.I can't select 360hz via Nvidia control panelMonitor plug DPGTX 1080 Nvidia control panel: info: also updated firmware to latest version (07.09.2023)

SwimUp by Level 8
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PG42UQ strange problems black screen/freeze screen randomly

on firmware .31 got random black screen in the middle of game will not turn back on until i unplug power and replug. also had a random screen freeze in the middle of a game. and could not turn off or anything until i unpled. this all happen on overlo...

tuanny87 by Level 7
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I recently bought an PG27AQN and when I shut off my computer the monitor keeps blinking orange and back logo led remains on. Any solution to solve this problem? I connected with display port to my 4090

RuldBaz by Level 7
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PG42UQ - Stuck at 8-bit colour depth at 138 Hz

Hi all. As the title says, my Asus PG42UQ appears to be stuck at a colour depth of 8bpc when in 138 Hz mode - this is according to the monitor's OSD. In the NVCP I can manually set it to 10 or 12 bit, but regardless of the setting here, the monitor i...