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Asus Pg27aqdm Turn off issue infinite pixel cleaning loop

Hi there . So i dont know why but the asus pg27aqdm suffers from a problem when turning off the display. So what exactly is the issue? Well if you turn off the display while your pc console or whatever is shutting down and you decide to turn it off w...

PG27AQDM vertical banding

Can someone explain why the PG27AQDM has very severe vertical banding sometimes and sometimes it does not? It seems like sometimes after a pixel refresh or after turning the monitor on I have severe vertical banding on greys.Typically I will wake the...

hdecker by Level 7
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Resolved! Monitor is grey

Hello to allI have some problem with monitor. I bought month ago ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM, connect it to laptop Razer blade 16 trough hdmi cable, everything was perfect. Today I turn on the system and monitor always not contrast and it’s like grey fil...

PG48UQ firmware v29 awful HDR

Posting this here as well as in the PG/XG series monitors forum, just in case one is the wrong area I saw earlier today that there was a new firmware available for the PG48UQ addressing supposed HDR issues, but upon updating the HDR now looks worse t...

Best monitor set up recommendation

Hello guys, I just got my Ally yesterday and besides the rough Windows installation & updates, everything else went smooth. I am looking for a good monitor set up. I know I need a dock but can anyone recommend me a good one? The official ASUS only ha...

RoG PG35V no longer shows picture

So I wake up today and get ready to start working and my monitor is unresponsive, i reboot my unplug the monitor  thinking its just seized up however i am getting no picture. My other monitors are still providing images. Ive tried multiple power outl...

PG35V Shuts Down by Itself

Hi all,I have I problem with both my PG35VQ.Both monitor were bought in December of 2019 and developed the same problem at start of the month, within a week of each other. I usually leave the monitors on (yellow led), but if the PC has been off for a...

Cuppie by Level 9
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Rog Swift Oled PG27AQDM Problems

Hi.I bought this monitor 4 days ago after selling my Alienware aw3423dw 34 inch Oled because i wanted 27inc (because of losing performance and for 240hz) but man i feel sorry now When i started monitor for the first time i saw right away that colours...

Asus Rog swift pg248qp osd menu bug

Hello and happy new year   Recently ive purchased the above mentioned monitor and from day one i noticed the osd menu and asus logo during start up become buggy     i have tried to make reset from the menu with no success ive tried to to turn off a...

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