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pg27aqdm pixel cleaning issues and questions

I'm having some questions about the pixel cleaning of this display as it isn't explained well in the manual or there is a firmware problem with it In the manual, states that after shutting down after 4 or more hours of use, it will automatically run ...


Asus Rog Swift OLED PG27AQDM Dispay broken!!!

Hi, my OLED monitor just arrived today and, once mounted, I was amazed by the colours. Only later, in the evening, while I was calibrating it for HDR (so in black, white, gray backgrounds) I discovered that my monitor has a broken pixel!!! I literall...

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Im not sure if ASUS team reads it, but i wish you guys can build for us something like this.A monitor like Samsung odyssey G9 , slight less curved in 4k  240Hz and along side on the full bottom a Aura Led light so i can at least see and light up my t...

ASUS ROG Swift PG27AQDM OLED and Flickering problem

It's been several months since I received the new monitor, when the flickering problem arose.To date it hasn't happened anymore... I always use the usual screen setting, DCI-P3, I've never used HDR. The thing that "annoys" this monitor - of this I'm ...

XG32AQ firmware update ?

I have an asus XG32AQ with single stuck pixel only in gsync mode .. ( yes .. really)I want to update the firmware  but i dont find one to download .. The screen have the firmware V002, can i found a new one ? and if i can where to download it ? .. on...

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Asus pg27aqdm auto dimming when playing

When I play games the screen gets darker when flashes appearHDR off latest firmwareAlready did factory reset Already changed monitor (I bought the same model twice, same issue)Using the display port that comes in the box (same issue happens with othe...

Pretty Bad Backlight Bleed On Asus PG27AQN

So i've had this monitor a little over a week and overall its good but gradually as i've played more games i've started to notice either pretty bad bad light bleed and/or IPS glow along with a very poor variable backlight. Attached are a couple of vi...

PG48UQ 48" Crash

Hi,So I have an issue with my new monitor.After a period of time, the monitor will crash but retain the last image. After a short moment, the monitor will display black and be unresponsive. You can turn it off and on again via the remote but no splas...