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ASUS VG249QM1A when turning off, turns 2nd monitor into main display

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So I recently bought the Asus VG249QM1A to be my main monitor. I have a second monitor, which is a ASUS VG248E that is now my second monitor. Everytime I turn off my VG249, which I would do if I was taking a break or not using it, it makes my 2nd monitor the main display, moving all my programs, shortcuts to there.

Its as if once I turn it off, the pc completely stops detecting the monitor. 

I used to have a samsung as second monitor and I've never had this happen before. It becomes annoying as I literally have to move everything back from one monitor to eachother


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Norsixa ,

based on your issue, may I ask have you confirm the disply setting in "Settings" page?

As below image:

Could you provide the screenshot of the page?

You can also refer to the following link:

[Notebook/Desktop/AIO] How to connect your PC to one or more external monitors with different connec...

May I ask whether you set VG249QM1A as the main display, or the notebook (also kindly provide the notebook product model) as the main disply and VG248E/VG249QM1A as the external display?

Can you please specify the type of cables you are using for each connection? 

Regarding the VG249, when the screen is turned off, does the display content shift to the VG248, and does the laptop screen experience any changes? 

May I ask which display option you're currently set to?

Please provide the setting details.

Could you assist us by recording a video demonstrating the issue for further analysis? Thank you.

Level 7

Hi Aurellian,

My current setup is a desktop PC, both monitors are running displayport to displayport cables to my RTX 3070. When I turn off the VG248E, nothing moves, all current windows stay on that screen.

Only when I turn off the VG249QM1A or it goes in sleep mode, the desktop PC acts as if its been physically unplugged and make my VG248E the main display, moving all the current open programs or browsers to that one.

The moment I power the VG249 back on, windows will then set it back as main display and move everything back over to the VG249. So everytime that happens, I literally have to move all the programs/browsers I had on my VG248E back, which is obviously a bit of a pain. Same thing happens with sleep mode, it also will flicker and take a bit of time due to windows changing main display so have to wait till that is done everytime too.




I used to have a samsung syncmaster as 2nd screen, never happend with the VG248E being the main display then. Everything would stay as is. Only started doing this when I purchased the VG249 and placed as my main, the VG248E being second instead now.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Norsixa ,

Regarding your query, could you confirm if your operating system version is Windows 11? In Windows 11, the feature of remembering window positions across multiple monitors can be achieved. You can refer to the link below for more information. Thank you.

Hi @Aureliannn_ROG ,

Thank you for your support! Currently running windows 10 and I did see the info that Windows 11 has that extra feature. It is rapid hot plug detection that is changing my main display, never had it with any other screen before.

Currently fixed my issue with a third party program called Persistent Windows, little script that always put the windows back where I used to have them, sleep mode or even turning the monitor off manually.

Thank you so much for your help and info, i'll probably upgrade to Win11 in the future. My issue is solved now. 🙂