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Asus Turkish Customer Support Manipulation - Asking where to report

Level 7

Hello Dear Republic,

Wish everyone the best.

I will dive straight to the subject, now please, it is simple right? What would you do if your asus motherboards wifi antenna is broken? You would simply call the Asus Support, order the spare part, go take the part when it is arrived and you connect it to your motherboard and use it right? Well, you may multiply the example, same applies to your dishwasher cutlery basket in another example...

So, because of it is very hard to seek for justice here in Turkey, some people are manipulating things. It is actually very common here. But this is a serious case for both Asus and it is customers, so I want to report this to the related department and I am asking your help to tell me where to report.

You can see the complaint on the link, and you may find all the evidence as attached. Here is what happened exactly;

So my Asus Rog XG27UQ monitor's sticker has torn when I was cleaning my monitor. I simply called Asus and asked to buy a spare sticker. First they couldn't identify it, and asked a screenshot from me 



 I said okay and I sent it. Than the customer support guy told me he will divert my request to the related department. And 5 days later, I received an e-mail saying that I have to send or turn in my monitor to the Asus Technical Service, where they will charge a technical service fee, and they will inspect my monitor (Which will take a very long time like 1 month minimum), and then if it is suitable, they will order the sticker (which will take another very long time) and stick it and return my monitor. 

And I replied like; is this a prank or something?!? Why would I turn my monitor in to the technical service and pay for a technical service charge and wait that long without my monitor? I did not ask any technical service, I simply asked a very simple spare part. And if you do not get back to me with proper answer soon, I will report you. 

You know what happened? They did not get back to me since 3 weeks 



 So this is how things work in Turkey but this is very manipulative I believe. They did not reply to my complaint to the most famous complaint service webpage too. Asus is a very good brand that I love, so I wanted to report. 

If somebody can tell me where to report this manipulation, I am going to do it.

Best Regards,


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @mrjackpot .

Thank you for confirming again.
However, the damaged part is not the sticker but a part of the bezel, as we stated in our previous reply.
As per our local quotation with you, customer-induced damage needs to be repaired for a fee, according to the [LCD Monitor] Customer Induced Damage (CID) criteria.
Based on the information you provided, the damaged appearance seems not to affect actual use, please consider if there is any maintenance demand.
We are more than happy to assist you in arranging further repairs, or you can apply for an online RMA at ASUS- support.

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂