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Asus Turkish Customer Support Manipulation - Asking where to report

Level 7

Hello Dear Republic,

Wish everyone the best.

I will dive straight to the subject, now please, it is simple right? What would you do if your asus motherboards wifi antenna is broken? You would simply call the Asus Support, order the spare part, go take the part when it is arrived and you connect it to your motherboard and use it right? Well, you may multiply the example, same applies to your dishwasher cutlery basket in another example...

So, because of it is very hard to seek for justice here in Turkey, some people are manipulating things. It is actually very common here. But this is a serious case for both Asus and it is customers, so I want to report this to the related department and I am asking your help to tell me where to report.

You can see the complaint on the link, and you may find all the evidence as attached. Here is what happened exactly;

So my Asus Rog XG27UQ monitor's sticker has torn when I was cleaning my monitor. I simply called Asus and asked to buy a spare sticker. First they couldn't identify it, and asked a screenshot from me 



 I said okay and I sent it. Than the customer support guy told me he will divert my request to the related department. And 5 days later, I received an e-mail saying that I have to send or turn in my monitor to the Asus Technical Service, where they will charge a technical service fee, and they will inspect my monitor (Which will take a very long time like 1 month minimum), and then if it is suitable, they will order the sticker (which will take another very long time) and stick it and return my monitor. 

And I replied like; is this a prank or something?!? Why would I turn my monitor in to the technical service and pay for a technical service charge and wait that long without my monitor? I did not ask any technical service, I simply asked a very simple spare part. And if you do not get back to me with proper answer soon, I will report you. 

You know what happened? They did not get back to me since 3 weeks 



 So this is how things work in Turkey but this is very manipulative I believe. They did not reply to my complaint to the most famous complaint service webpage too. Asus is a very good brand that I love, so I wanted to report. 

If somebody can tell me where to report this manipulation, I am going to do it.

Best Regards,


Level 7

And please, do not think this is a one time thing, they always do this, on the famous Turkish complaint service webpage you can find a lot of these cases. 

And I myself, reached them before asking a m2 bracket for my Asus Rog Maximus X Code motherboard, but they said the exact same thing. Turn in and pay technical service charge fee. When I was simply asking for a spare part. 

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @mrjackpot .

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Since I cannot enter and confirm the link in your post, it doesn't show the correct content.
Therefore, could you provide images of the sticker you mentioned?

Please check the top right corner of the screen and kindly share the details requested in the PM inbox.

Thank you!

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂

Hello Jiaszzz_ROG,

Thank you very much for your interest and assistance. I have replied to you with the information you requested. 

I really appreciate you are trying to help me with replacing my torn sticker. But please also mind the bigger issue here. Which is Asus Turkey, asking me to turn in my devices and pay for technical service fee when I simply ask for a spare part for my Asus products. (like a sticker or a m2 bracket or a spare Wi-Fi antenna for my motherboard). This is against Asus policy, and it is confirmed by Asus Chat Support. And the other big issue here is that I can not reach anywhere to get this policy violation corrected. Asus, Turkey simply replies with the same answer, which is against the policy when I make my complaint to them. "We are not allowed to sell spare parts, if you want your product to be repaired you need to turn it in" I am also attaching my chat with chat support, and you can see this is against the policy.

Thank you.asus-teknik-servis-magduriyeti-1.jpgasus-teknik-servis-magduriyeti-2.jpgasus-teknik-servis-magduriyeti-3.jpgasus-teknik-servis-magduriyeti-4.jpgasus-teknik-servis-magduriyeti-5.jpgasus-teknik-servis-magduriyeti-6.jpgasus-teknik-servis-magduriyeti-7.jpg

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @mrjackpot .

According to the image you provided, the damaged part belongs to the outer frame, and as time goes on, cosmetic damage is not covered under warranty, so there may be a repair cost involved.

If it doesn't affect its use, it is recommended that you consider not sending it in for repair, as you may need to pay for the replacement.

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂

Hello, @Jiaszzz_ROG,

I just had the time to reply,

I believe you have removed the link or file you sent about monitor repair procedure. Or evaluation document, or it was something like that. And on that content, the label sticker of the adapter was regarded as "adapter label (sticker) damage" not "damage to the adapter frame" as you said. And there is nothing wrong with my monitor's frame. It is just the label (sticker) is damaged. And on the same document you sent, the "label damage" was covered under warranty. They did not ask for repair cost or anything. 

Besides that, I already mentioned that I am okay to pay for the sticker, but I am not okay to turn in my complete monitor in for a long time and I don't want to change my monitor's frame and pay for it + the service charges either because there is nothing wrong with it. It is just the sticker that is damaged, and it is a very simple spare part that Asus can provide.

Now please ask yourselves and tell us, does it make sense to you that I should turn in my monitor while I need it for work, wait for 1 month or more, make them touch, tinker my monitor and change my frame which is not broken or anything, and pay them for changing my "not broken" component + the service charges and all? while it was much easier and possible to simply ship me the sticker and I just simply stick it to my monitor? I am ready to pay too, but it should be covered under warranty according to the content you send and removed later by editing your post....

Also, I believe I should mention that everyone just sees about the sticker of my monitor, but I mentioned many inappropriate things that Asus Turkey did and no one cares about it. And I can not reach to a solution by reporting about it to any channel. (phone, chat, e-mail, rog forums etc.)

Asus already has options like "repair yourself at home" kind of implementations. Tomorrow or the other day, in the feature, my case will happen again and sooner or later they will understand that they should send the "sticker" in my case. And they will just do it the way I was telling you. But I will be the one was aggrieved.

I believe my case is blocked by the customer agents who do not want to kick the tin, solve this extraordinary case properly (which does not have a written procedure) and ask this extraordinary case to the higher authority about what to do, but they simply put it under wrong evaluation procedure that aggrieves the consumer and just to be given a reply to the consumer thinking that they did their duty. Nothing's going to happen, right?

If this will be my solution, I will be an unhappy consumer, and I'm sure going to find many followers that will back me up in this matter. It is just for the sake of reason and correctness. It is crystal clear that I am right here. Even the screenshots of me and Asus agent chatting approves this. 

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @mrjackpot .

As I mentioned earlier, this is not a sticker but a screen bezel.
I have forwarded your case once again to our local team, and I believe they will contact you again as soon as possible.

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂


Hello, @Jiaszzz_ROG,

I am sorry, but it is just the sticker as you see it in the picture I have sent in earlier messages. It is just a sticker. My frame, bazel is okay.

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your involvement, but I believe the place you forward will reply the same, unfortunately. Maybe we need to make them understand the case well.

Please look at the picture, there is another sticker there stickered to the stand. Now, what is going to happen if it is lifted or torn when cleaning? You're going to want to change the complete stand, which is hard and solid as rock? 😄 + fees and charges? 😄

Or just simply remove the deformed sticker, and stick another sticker to the stand which is hard and solid as rock and do not need replacement? 🙂

Which one makes sense? 😄

I mean come on, it is very funny and ridiculous 😄 The answer is right there without a doubt of certainty 🙂

I hope you can make them understand 🙂


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @mrjackpot .

Allow me to confirm with you again, may I ask if the damage you refer to during cleaning is the part circled in the picture below?


If so, this damaged part belongs to the entire frame.
If it is not the circled part, could you provide detailed pictures again for us?

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂

Hello @Jiaszzz_ROG ,




Asus stickers example.jpg

sticker frame example.jpg

sticker frame example 2.jpg

sticker frame example 3.jpg

sticker frame example 4.jpg

monitor frame bazel.jpg

monitor frame bazel 2.jpg


Yes, sure thing, allow me to share some detailed information and assist you with understanding about stickers. Because it is sometimes can be confused with being the frames, I see it all the time.


So, let's start with the definition of a sticker first. Here are some sources below;


“A sticker is a type of label: a piece of printed paper, plastic, vinyl, or other material with temporary or permanent pressure sensitive adhesive on one side. It can be used for decoration or for functional purposes, depending on the situation. Stickers can come in many different shapes and sizes, and also vary widely in color and design. They are often adhered to items such as lunchboxes, paper, lockers, notebooks, walls, cars, windows, used as name tags, and so on.”

“Stickers are very widely used when an object requires identification with a word or idea. Brand stickers may be attached to products to label these products as coming from a certain company. “


I have also attached some sticker examples sticked to some frames, I hope they can enlighten you as well. I also removed the sticker on my monitor and took a picture of it as you were asking for detailed pictures, so you may understand better that it is exactly a sticker like the definition, and it is sticked to my monitor frame. Also, on the examples attached you may see some similar asus stickers like the one on my monitor frame.


Now, let's continue with the frames, bezels, so hopefully you may understand the difference between a sticker, and a monitor frame, bezel.


Let’s start with the definition first as before, here are some sources below;

“A frame is often a structural system that supports other components of a physical construction and/or steel frame that limits the construction's extent.”

“Screen bezel, a space or frame around a display device, such as on a television or mobile device”


And here is a video of a person who is removing the frame, bezel of a monitor below;


I have also attached some frame, bezel examples pictures for you, hoping they are going to help you understand what it is exactly.


So, if you can understand what is a sticker and what is a monitor frame, bezel now, please try to make a connection of it looking at my monitor's damaged sticker pictures I sent to you.


And if people still cannot understand and identify a sticker, please also tell me, so I can bring my professor friend from the Oxford University Teachers Club, so he may help us out here to understand this very hard case.


Best Regards 🙂