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ASUS ROG Swift PG27AQDM OLED and Flickering problem

Level 9

It's been several months since I received the new monitor, when the flickering problem arose.To date it hasn't happened anymore... I always use the usual screen setting, DCI-P3, I've never used HDR. The thing that "annoys" this monitor - of this I'm 100% sure - is the frequency/resolution change that happens when ALT-TABing from a program to the desktop. This switch does not appear in an "aggressive" way if the program - in my specific case GAMES (League of Legends, Fortnite, Diablo 4 etc.) - is saved in the screen settings as "FULL SCREEN WINDOW" this is the "momentary" SOLUTION " to which Asus should see for the definitive one. The problem is the frequency along with the screen resolution used in the game. I hope Asus can fix this also because not everyone has the "full screen window" feature. Thank you


Customer Service Agent

Hi @WildZippo ,

based on your issue, may I ask whether you can provide the video demonstrate the flickering issue?

May I ask operating which steps can trigger the flicker occur?

Have you make sure that all the driver and firmware is at the latest version?

Which cable you're currently using? Have you try to cross test with other cable?

Did the flicker occur when not using full screen window?

May I ask when did the issue occur? Have you make any change or update anything then the issue occur?

Could you provide the CPU/DRAM/HDD/VGA/PSU product model and OS/graphics card driver/audio driver/chipset driver version?

Please help confirm the question, thank you.

Many of your questions are answered in a previous post regarding this issue. For the rest 4080 MSI on Z490ACE MEG MSI, 10900KF, Win10, 32GB 3600 ram. 

Since I haven't used the ALT-TAB from a program that isn't in the "full-screen window" I haven't had the problem anymore and I haven't tried to recreate it, but I'm more than certain that if I did it, as before, it would happen after a few "switches".