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ASUS ROG Swift PG279QM Go to standby mode randomly during use

Level 7


So I have this problem where the screen turn black and the light color indicator turn from stable red to twitching yellow then after some seconds it turn back the display.

this happen randomly when:

- Watching a video, for example a specific scene  in a the vid triggers this issue because when the display comeback and i rewind the    scene  the problem happens again 

- Playing video games

- When i quit some applications in full screen mode

- and sometime it happen when I'm doing nothing 🙂

I've already installed the latest monitor drivers but  that didn't fix it 

Other monitor works fine. Only this one the the issue.


g-sync is on

my graphics card is 4080

 Resolution is on native and 240 refresh rate  

I hope that I explained it right 

Please any help would be appreciated  





Hi, @Jiaszzz_ROG 

I believe it's standby mode because when it happen the power indicator  is flashing Amber color. 

and I'm not sure if it's completely random, I think it's triggered by something and some situations  like I mentioned before 

for example, there is a certain moment in a YouTube video trigger the black screen and when I go back  to that moment it black screen again but not indefinitely because the 3rd or 4th time I repeat  that moment it was displayed and no black screen.

and same for video games for example lets say I opened an options menu and it triggers black screen, I do that again it may not show black screen.

I hope that I explained it more clearly and not cause you more confused 🙂

I have done a reset for this monitor before.

Thank you.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @X2Spectre 

Thank you for providing the problem description again.
Could you please assist in confirming the test results for the three different scenarios mentioned earlier?
Additionally, it would be helpful to verify if the same issue occurs when connecting other signal sources, such as another PC.

Thank you.