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ASUS ROG Swift PG279QM Go to standby mode randomly during use

Level 7


So I have this problem where the screen turn black and the light color indicator turn from stable red to twitching yellow then after some seconds it turn back the display.

this happen randomly when:

- Watching a video, for example a specific scene  in a the vid triggers this issue because when the display comeback and i rewind the    scene  the problem happens again 

- Playing video games

- When i quit some applications in full screen mode

- and sometime it happen when I'm doing nothing 🙂

I've already installed the latest monitor drivers but  that didn't fix it 

Other monitor works fine. Only this one the the issue.


g-sync is on

my graphics card is 4080

 Resolution is on native and 240 refresh rate  

I hope that I explained it right 

Please any help would be appreciated  





Customer Service Agent

Hello, @X2Spectre 

May I inquire if any changes were made prior to the occurrence of the described situation?
According to the user manual, only the DP connection supports a 240 Hz refresh rate, the resolution frequency should be set to 2560 x 1440, and the color format should be RGB/YUV444 in 8-bit or YUV422 in 8-bit color depth.
Please check if your current settings meet the above specifications.

Please assist in testing the following scenarios to see if the issue can be resolved:
- cross-test with an HDMI connection
- Try using a 60 Hz refresh rate.
- Disable G-Sync

According to the user manual, a yellow/amber indicator light signifies standby mode or no signal.
It could also indicate a momentary loss of signal from the source.
Therefore, if possible, please perform cross-testing with other signal sources.


Additionally, based on your description, it seems that this situation can be replicated (repeatedly playing a video, certain segments causing a black screen). 
As a result, please record a complete video of the occurrence of this situation and the attempted troubleshooting steps for us to better understand the scenario.

Thank you.


That's right, only DP connection can give me 2k res and  240hz 

Screenshot 2023-06-01 203230.png

I'll test using the method you mentioned 

although the monitor will be useless if the problem related to it working  in 240hz and g-sync mode

Thank you for your response 

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @X2Spectre 

Could you also try adjusting the "Apply the following settings" option in the NVIDIA control panel and selecting 8-bit color depth and either RGB/YUV444 or YUV422 when connecting via DP and setting it to a 240 Hz refresh rate?
If possible, please record and share a video when the problem occurs.
This might help us better understand the context in which the issue is occurring.

Thank you.

the first video show no black screen after exiting the game

the second shows the black screen (stand by mode) it was short this time 

and it happened again when i was watching a youtube vid today but i failed to record it



Sorry wrong model!

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @WildZippo 

May I ask which model of monitor you are currently referring to?
Based on the original poster's inquiry about the ROG Swift PG279QM, the official website indicates that the display colors are 16.7M (8-bit).


Thank you.

Wrong monitor sorry my foult!

Wrong monitor sorry my foult!

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @X2Spectre 

Thank you for providing the video, which has helped us gain some insight into the brief black-screen scenario.
However, may I ask why you believe this is a standby mode? Is this completely random?
Please cross-test the monitor with other signal sources to confirm if the "black screen delay when exiting full screen" issue also occurs with other signal sources.
Additionally, please refer to the "Reset" section in the [LCD Monitor] Troubleshooting guide to reset the settings in the OSD and check again to confirm further.

Thank you.