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ASUS ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM weird marks on screen

Level 8

Hi, sometimes (at random) I get weird marks all over my screen. Pixel Cleaning often needs more than 4 iterations to fix this issue. I have bought this Monitor less than a month ago and I am now wondering if I should contact support. It came with the latest firmware MCM104 installed. It is pretty hard to seen on my smartphone camera, but you can definitely spot them.  I am now scared, that this is just the harbinger of bigger problems, and that someday multiple iterations of pixel cleaning do not help anymore.

23-12-19 00-49-31 0055.jpg23-12-19 00-49-18 0054.jpg23-12-19 00-49-43 0056.jpg


Customer Service Agent

Hi @cyberc33 ,

could you please clarify what you mean by the "weird mark"? 

Could you highlight or specify the area you find abnormal? 

Have you confirmed that the display drivers are updated to the latest version? 

Are you using the cable provided by the manufacturer for the connection?
Please help verify, thank you.

Hey @Aureliannn_ROG !
Thanks for responding. Lets start with the small questions:
Yes I am using the manufacturers cable for the connection (DisplayPort)
Yes, the display drivers are up to date.

Now to the two remaining questions:
"could you please clarify what you mean by the "weird mark"?"
"Could you highlight or specify the area you find abnormal? "

As the problem currently isn't present (as I mentioned pixel-cleaning solved it after 4-5 immediate iterations) the pictures with he grey background sadly are the only ones that I took in the heat of the moment (If I knew that pixel-cleaning would save it, I would have taken more). Nevertheless I tried to circle the spots in red. 
Description of the spots: It looks like a weird line of pixels, ranging from the left to the right side of the screen. In the current pictures, this abnormal lines are present in the top of the monitor, in the middle and on the bottom. When I first had this problem, the weird pixels were only on the bottom, but this time they appeared "3 times" across the monitor. 

As the user @markob53 added, he seems to have had the same weird pixel line and pixel-cleaning seems to have solved this problem for him too. However, I am scared (because this is already the second time the problem occurred) that one day pixel cleaning won't solve it and I am stuck without warranty.

23-12-19 00-49-18 0054-copy.jpg23-12-19 00-49-31 0055-copy.jpg23-12-19 00-49-43 0056-copy.jpg

I will say i noticed the streaky effect highlighted in the middle screenshot above when i was cleaning the screen, possibly i caused some movement that introduced the streaks, maybe you're doing something like that which is causing the problem to occur.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @cyberc33 ,

we would like to inquire about the circumstances under which the stripes appear on the screen. 

Does the issue occur when using MCM103? 

Additionally, when using the OLED display in your daily life, it is recommended to perform "pixel cleaning" every four hours.

You can refer to the Q&A section in the following link.

[LCD Monitor] ASUS OLED Monitor Protection Mechanism | Official Support | ASUS Global

If your problem is not worked out with the pixel cleaning, it is suggest that you contact customer service center for further information.

Please assist in confirming. Thank you.


In the 2 occurrences the problem happened, I was on MCM104 so I can not really say anything about MCM103. 2 days ago I switched to MCM105 and thus far the problem did not appear again. I am also now pixel cleaning every 4 hours or so. If the problem reappears, I will update this thread.


Level 9

Pixel clean has fixed something similar to the top image before for me, the other two images i don't see much wrong.