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Asus ROG Swift Oled PG27AQDM colour issues

Level 7

Hi everyone!

I purchased the PG27AQDM after I watched several positive reviews about it saying how awesome the colours look, how bright it is and things like that. But for some reason, on my monitor the colours don't look good at all and I don't know what the issue might be. The main thing that annoys me is the HDR performance, but SDR isn't so great either. The colours look washed out, pale or dim, whatever you want to call it. I am using Displayport of course to connect my monitor. I have the latest firmware installed, I am using Windows 11 with the latest update, I have an RTX 4090 with the latest driver, so those can't really be the source of my problem I think. 

I have tried many different things, including tweaking the OSD setup, playing around with different settings, but I couldn't really make it any better. I tried the Windows HDR Calibration app, I tried changing a few settings in Nvidia Control Panel, but none of them helped. The interesting thing is that I am using another 27 inch monitor which has an IPS panel and it was like 25% of the price of the ASUS and that has way better colours out of the box. I haven't changed any settings on that, and all colours look natural to me. The reds are true reds and so on, while on the OLED, everything is washed out. I can see the difference in colours when I am moving a window or an application from one monitor to the other. 

I have read online that HDR is by default not so saturated and that I am just used to oversaturated colours because of the DCI-P3 color space but I am not convinced. And even if that is the case, SDR also looks desaturated and pale compared to my other monitor. I am mainly talking about desktop usage here, in the few games that I have played so far on the PG27AQDM, the colours looked all right but nothing extraordinary. 

So all in all, I don't know if I have an issue with the monitor, with the settings, let it be OSD, Windows or something else, or there is nothing wrong and I am just paranoid. But honestly, it bothers me a lot because I was expecting way better colours from an OLED. If anybody can help, give me advice or tips that would be greatly appreciated, and sorry for the very long explanation.


Level 8

Maybe its the ICC Profile of the monitor (When you install the drivers from the pg27aqdm site you get the icc profile installed to) . I Dont know why but it just looks pretty washed out tried other icc profiles too but they look washed out too