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ASUS Product Support lost my monitor I sent in for repair

Level 7


I am having the worst customer experience of my life with ASUS Product Support. ASUS has lost the monitor I sent them for repair and they are not willing to accept responsibility. ASUS blames FedEx. FedEx delivered the packaged and it was signed for.

Full (long) story:

After talking to ASUS Product Support via chat, for an issue I have with my PG278Q (info on issue), they suggested I ship my monitor in for repair. There was a $85 non-refundable diagnostic fee and shipping cost. I packed up and ship my monitor in a very protective flat screen moving box because ASUS doesn't guarantee the box I send it in will be returned back. Oh well.

A little over a week later I receive a repair quote for $750 with no details about what is wrong or how it will be repaired. After several back and forth emails they finally tell me that the monitor is too old (2016) and they don't have parts to repair it, so they have to replace the entire monitor. I am not willing to pay that much since the issue is temperamental and annoying but I can live with it. I am told I have to pay for the return shipment. No one told me that before so I email asking them to send it back and pay for the return shipment themselves. While I am waiting to hear back, their automated invoice quotation process declines the repair because I took longer than 3 business days to accept the quote. I receive an automated email informing me of this. I still hadn't heard back about the return shipment fee though.

I decide to call the Invoice Quotation Support team. A team member from that department explains to me that, no, I don't have to pay for the return shipment, the ASUS Product Support team is incorrect. And my monitor has already been shipped. That team member provides me with the FedEx tracking number. As I look it up, the team member informs me there is a shipping exception. I see the same thing on FedEx's website. The issue is that the shipping label is unreadable, and there are too many shipping labels on the package. The team member tells me not to worry as they have a procedure to fix situations like this. Wait a day and then call FedEx or ASUS back.

I wait a few days over the weekend. I call FedEx. They tell me they tried to contact ASUS by calling them but no one answered so they left a voice mail. I call ASUS and spend 50 minutes on the phone only to be told they will get back to me.

Another week goes by without any real updates. I've called and emailed them another 3 or 4 times by now with no updates.

I check on the FedEx tracking number again and it has been returned to sender and signed for. It was delivered almost a week ago at that time (now 1 day shy of 2 weeks ago) all the while ASUS has yet to provide me any real updates.

I let ASUS know they have received it. They say they will look into it. I share screenshots from FedEx along with the info FedEx is willing to tell me. I am not the sender so they can't tell me who signed for it or what address it was delivered to. But they can tell me the company named that signed for it and it matches the name on the RMA instructions.

Their last two email replies to me say they never received the monitor. They sent me security footage of a facility for the time the deliver was made as proof they never received the monitor. And they say they are waiting for FedEx to deliver the monitor and will then determine what went wrong. FedEx only tells me to contact the sender because the delivery was made over a week ago. ASUS Product Support tells me to contact FedEx.

I am so frustrated with this terrible customer experience I will never purchase ASUS products again.

It's been almost a month now since I sent my monitor in for repair and I am pretty sure it's been lost, misplaced, or stolen while in ASUS Support's possession (or a 3rd party they have hired to do repairs).

Every time I call them I spend the first 30 minutes re-explaining the situation.

Anyone know what I can do to get my monitor back? Who else I can contact to help with this? How to properly escalate this issue?


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @FormerASUSuser 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
As we need to further verify your repair process and details with the local team, please check the top right corner of the screen and kindly share the details requested in the PM inbox.

Thank you.

Level 8

Dang I feel absolutely terrible about this whole situation. I have initiated the RMA process and they can't even ship me a FedEx label with the correct address (no unit number/Trailer Number) and they've sent me 3 "corrected" labels now; all with the same incorrect address. I'll go get it repaired at Best buy with the geek squad protection instead.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Mspyker 

Upon confirmation, it appears that you have already posted in the Handheld Gaming section's discussion thread.
May I ask if you are currently facing any issues related to motherboard repairs that require assistance?
If so, due to the involvement of personal information, it's not advisable to disclose details in public comments.
Could you please send me the serial number of the motherboard?
Please refer to How to find Product Serial Number if needed.

Thank you.

My issue is regarding a shipping label being sent with my address incorrectly inputted, missing my trailer unit number...  the device in question is a Rog Ally and the number for the RMA is USBVR90676 and here is the case number N2308019135-0018

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Mspyker 

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
Upon confirmation, it has been noted that the forum moderator, @Anbby_ROG , has provided further assistance to you, and we have also forwarded it as an escalation to the relevant members.
Please continue to update Anbby_ROG regarding relevant feedback or concerns on this matter.

Thank you.