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Asus PG27AQDM Turn off issue

Level 8

Hi there before i describe the issue i would like to mention that the post is an extension of the old post link here :

The old post has been locked due to inactivity but the issue is still around. I did more testing on this and here is an more detailed explanation. 

The asus pg27aqdm suffers from an issue when turning off . As we know the display runs an 6 min pixel clean when turning off after that it should shutdown itself. But thats not always the case . If you decide to turn it off while the input source gets disconnected (for example when shutting down your computer or console) after about 1-15 seconds after turning the display off it will get stuck in some kind of loop of being active we can check this by having the back rgb lights on or using an power measure device to check if the display is active. If you decide to turn the monitor off after your pc has shutdown while the "No Input signal" message displays the rgb lights remain on for about 6 minutes and when the cleaning is done they turn off and then the display shuts down completely afterwards like it should.

Now in my old post i assumed that the display gets stuck maybe in some loop of running the pixel cleaner. But we cant truly tell maybe its in some sort of invisible standby mode i cant truly tell.

Reproduction Method

Turn off display and after 1-15 seconds disconnect display port/hdmi that is being used use an stopwatch to check. If  you disconnect the displayport/hdmi after 20 seconds or more it will not get stuck in the loop and shutdown as it should after 6 mins. The Led lights at the back should be on to check if the display is stuck in the loop . Check back after 6 mins if the lights are still on the display is still active in this weird state.


Since mosts pc or consoles these days dont take longer than 15 seconds to shutdown causing the display to get stuck in this weird loop,standby mode or pixel cleaning state most of the time . I cant truly tell why this occurs only under these circumstances and it took some testing to figure this out. It would be great if any of the backend team could try the replication method to check. Other people reported this issue aswell and i hope that this is fixable by firmware.

I dont know if the monitor is in a sort of standby mode or pixel cleaning state but i will not shutdown completely when this happens,

I hope this can help resolve this issue



Level 9

In my experience the monitor never truly turns itself off unless you press the button, it goes into standby after you shutdown your PC as indicated by the orange LED light rather than the red one, i've also witnessed the very brief flash indicating that it's started a pixel clean (i would suggest this needs to be longer or for the duration of the clean in order to let the user know it's in the middle of a clean) but i have never experienced an issue with it being stuck in a loop because i choose simply never to manually turn the monitor off and instead leave it in standby, also my monitor does not go into standby until the source goes off meaning it doesn't attempt to start a pixel clean until the source is off.

I would suggest just leaving it in standby and not manually turning it off to avoid any issues until they fix it.

Super Moderator

As above, I simply leave the panel in standby mode if it's been used for a considerable length of time. I rarely turn the panel off completely.

@berozzscorpion are you aware of any other cases of this happening online?



13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

There were some other cases aswell . Many people seem to leave the display in standby as well but i prefer to just turn it off when i stop using my setup so it runs the pixel cleaner and shuts off completely.

May i ask you if you can try the replication method i mentioned iam really curious to see if this issue occurs on any unit or just some this is truly a bit weird. I hope this gets fixed by fw in any case somehow

here are the other cases i saw online reported by the authors and others in the reply section.


As far as I know, the rear Aura LED bug is being resolved in MCM106. I'm unable to reproduce the issue you're having, at least on my unit at home.


13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090