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Asus PG27AQDM OLED - why the screen randomly turns black

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Hi guys,

I own my screen since 6 mounths and since 1 month i have a issue my screen turns black randomly for like 3 sec and come back to normal, but it does it every 5-6 seconds idk why.

Someone already faced this issue and find a solution ? I found some peoples with same problems but no one give infos if they succeed or not 😕


Customer Service Agent

Hi @NmK ,

thank you for contacting us. We would like to gather more information regarding your issue. 

  1. Could you please confirm if the problem occurs during gameplay or during regular usage? 
  2. Have you cross-tested the signal cables to rule out any potential issues? 
  3. Does this problem occur every day, and if so, what is the frequency? 
  4. Do you need to reconnect the signal cable to resolve the problem, or does the screen automatically recover?
  5. When the screen goes black, does the background still function normally?
  6. Have you ensured that your graphics card driver is up to date? 
  7. Additionally, could you please let us know which firmware version you are currently using? Did the issue occur with previous firmware versions?

In order to better understand and diagnose your issue, we kindly request your assistance in providing a video recording of the black screen issue occurring (please provide the video in MP4 format). 

Furthermore, please provide the model of all devices, the operating system version, and driver versions.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in resolving this matter.

Providing detailed device specifications (MB/CPU/GPU/PSU, etc.) and the respective driver versions, OS version, and BIOS version will help us analyze the issue more effectively.


1. During regular usage !

2. Yeap i change first all the DisplayPort cable I thought that was the cause at first but no

3. Not every day just sometimes so i don't understand the cause

4. The screen automatically recover later

5. Yes if i look a stream for exemple the stream continue in background on the screen and does not redirect to my second screen it's like it works but just black

6. Yeap the driver are up to date

7. i Updated the firmware to MCM106 the last one but same problem on it 

Devices you want to know it composant of the PC or periphs ?

drivers versions is 555.85 nvidia and windows 10 PRO

Are you using the cable that came with the monitor? High refresh rate at 1440p requires a certain grade of cable, and a cheap/old DP/HDMI won't be able to keep up, which is what is known to cause those periodic black screens.

You may want to try a HDMI 2.1 certified cable or a DP 1.4 certified cable as part of your troubleshooting.


i had this issue on the câble that came with the monitor too so it’s not the cable and actually i have a DP 2.1 and it’s more better and even with that i have the same problem 😕

Level 7

Update, now the center of the screen is lighter than the sides and I never leave my screen on still images and yet i have the display which remains like the photo below 



Level 7

I'm having the same problem and I've bought this monitor three months ago, so for over two months there weren't any problems. A couple of weeks ago some horizontal lines started showing up, but I didn't pay too much attention to them at the moment. However, this last week the monitor started constantly flickering as well, making it unusable basically. The flicker is visible with the monitor plugged into my PC but I've noticed that even after I remove the DP cable, the monitor continues to flicker even if there's no input so this seems to be a monitor problem, unrelated to any external factors.

To your initial questions I have the same answers as NmK, except occurrence (to me it now happens every single time I use the monitor) and drivers (I have 555.99 on W11).

Yes it’s exactly the same flicker yours are even Closer than mine but it’s same

For information i have contacted the asus support and i will returned my screen and normally they will send me a new one, i hope there will never be a problem like this..

Level 7

My monitor recently started to go black when I'm playing. Usually goes black for 3-5 seconds and come back. Also heard Asus support have be bad recently, have they agree to send you a replacement monitor?