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Asus PG27AQDM OLED Turning off an on - Infinite Loop

Level 7


So I got this monitor for just 2 days and I already have issues with it. I used it for 10 hours yesterday and after shutting down my computer the aura lights of this monitor were still on so i decided to turn off the monitor manually. After that it started to turn off and on forever. I unplugged the power cable and went to sleep. Now after I woke up, i plugged it back in and the monitor still keeps looping with turning on and off forever. Its stuck on Republic of Gamers showing all the infos at the right bottom (NVIDIA , freesync , HDMI) and it shuts down again. I there a fix or do I need to return it? And to be honest its completely inaccaptable for this price. I paid 1200€ for it!! I am so frustrated and disappointed...



Level 12

It could be something as simple as the power button getting stuck or "glitching" due to mechanical interference. Before assuming the worst, try pressing it on and off a few times without the mains connected to rule that out. Good luck!

It*s not like i did not try that already. ^^ Its still lopping after 3 hours. Luckily i did not sell my C2 42" so i can use that instead. Still looking for a fix. Seems like it*s not just only mine. A user reported this issue here aswell, he got no answer so i still don*t know what has happened. 

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Hypnotic39 

I'm not entirely certain about your model, firmware version, and context, but may I inquire if you've tried following the aforementioned suggestion to change from 8 bpc to 10 bpc?

According to the previous message, please attempt to modify the Display Settings on Windows, adjusting the Color Bit Depth to 10 bpc, and then confirm the results.

Thank you.