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Asus pg27aqdm not turning off completly

Level 9

Hi there

So i was having this issue for a while now and it also affects other units aswell.I dont know why but whenever i turn off my monitor with the power button (has to be pressed twice btw) the monitor doesnt turn off completly the indicator light turns off but he Rgb lights on the back and on the stand remain on even tho the monitor just has been turned off and the indicator light is off too.I thought that there may be some sort of pixel cleaner running at first but after leaving the monitor like this for many minutes it remained the same.After turning on the monitor with the button again it doesnt show the asus logo like it normaly would on boot and seems to be still active even when powered "off"

Reference Video:

In the video i first powered off the monitor through the power button and as it is visible the monitor kind of remained on it sometimes even shows an no signal from display port message on screen. Afterwards i powered it on through the power button and it the screen turned on instantly.

It would be great if there is any way to turn the monitor off completly as it is supossed to this is a very weird feature/bug 

Update 1 (29.06.2023)

So after reading more about this  more people report to have this issue and i seems to be some sort of really bad bug with the turn off/on mechanism with the monitor the powerbutton is like an "standby" button wich just turns the screen and indicator black but rest stays active and on this seems to be an software bug and i assume that this has to be fixed by asus in a new firmware update.

Update 2 (30.06.2023)

Ok so im currently 100 percent shure that the monitor stays on and active when pressing the powerbutton.So for a few days ive tried using the powerbutton normally without sleep mode enabled.After turning on the display i get an message that recommends running the pixel cleaner ?!? wich usually should only popup if the monitor was on for a long time it seems that the display stays active all the time and is running when the powerbutton is pressed wich is a big issue.

Update 3 (08.08.2023)

After over a long time of research and trying it seems like something is wrong with the turn off mechanism i tried many things updated the firmware to mcm 104 factory reset power cable plug but this issue is still reocurring.


After more research asus claims that the monitor runs an pixel refresh after shutdown and then turns off i believed this to be the case at first and then kept using the powerbutton normaly.I was wrong the powerbutton only sometimes made the monitor turn off correctly.So i tried using the powerbutton again and after 20 minutes and more of waiting the monitor would not turn off so i just went to sleep and woke up the next day and to my suprise the monitor was somehow still as before it was just like i turned off the power indicator and put an black image on the screen nothing was off completly.

Iam really confused into how this happend and why the monitor doesnt shut down correctly

How to reproduce?

Just turn on the rgb lights (back or stand) and turn off the monitor by the powerbutton wait about 6-7 minutes and check if the lights remained on if yes then the monitor did not turn off completly.If the lights turned off the monitor ran the pixel cleaner (or not) and turned off as it should.It still confuses me why the monitor doesnt always turn off completly and sometimes remains half active and half off?!


The only way to completly turn off the monitor is to letting it go into sleep mode.To do this just turn off your pc/console or whatever your using and wait for the indicator light to turn orange after that press the powerbutton then the monitor turns off completly but does not run a pixel refresher wish means you should run the pixel refresh sometime.

This issue needs to be fixed i dont think this is an hardware related issue and think its more of an software bug that needs to be fixed with an new firmware but i dont know if asus is working for an fix or even knows about this issue at all wich makes this all even more frustrating 


This is some bug caused by the monitor we need to wait till asus fixes if it is possible to fix otherwise this will be a huge flaw for the monitor itself 




Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Scar 

May I ask if you are asking about the rear and base RGB lights turning off when the monitor is off?
It is possible to configure the lighting effect for the rear cover and base cover in the OSD settings under "lighting effect > Aura RGB".


Please try manually changing the settings and share the detailed settings you currently have in this category.

Thank you.

Hi @Jiaszzz_ROG 

yes disabling the aura rgb is possible and when turning off it stays off but the issue seems to be that the monitor is still active bc it will sometimes display an no signal message on screen and seems to be active.Its seems more like the monitor goes in some sort of "sleep/standby" mode but with the indicator light just being disabled.

I found out the only way to truly turn it off is by letting it go into sleep mode and then pressing the powerbutton it then seems to be completly turning off the monitor


The monitor was in sleep mode so i pressed the powerbutton and that seems to have turned off the monitor weird thing tho is that it shows an weird white line in the lower part of the screen for a second afterwards its completly turned off. I then press the power button again and the monitor turns on as it should showing the "bootscreen" for an second and then turning on.

It would be great if the monitor could be turned off instantly whithout needing to wait for the monitor to go into standby mode and then turn it off.

Hi @Jiaszzz_ROG 

After more research and trying it seems to affect many other people aswell.I think that the issue here is that the powerbutton somehow not works correctly the display is active all the time when the powerbutton is pressed.It seems to be an software instead of an hardware issue i would like to ask if anyone at asus knows about this issue regarding the pg27aqdm and if a firmware update is about to roll out to fix this issue?

Thanks 😄

Level 8

Same here as well.

Aura RGB back lighting regardless of setting remains on even after going into standby or by hitting the power switch off to the right of the toggle.  Same goes for the base downward effect.

There is an off option for the Aura and base to completely shut it off in the settings but it would be nice to actually enjoy the monitor the way it was intended.

Level 9

Does RGB lights turned off during stand-by mode on the MCM103? Because otherwise it's just a bug. Remember that the screen must be able to initiate its image cleaning function. I know it launches automatically in stand-by mode but I'm not sure if that's also the case if you completely turn off the monitor so be careful about that.

The rgb lights do not turn off in standby mode or normal sleep mode it isnt an firmware bug its rather a weird turn off/turn on mechanism that puts the monitor into some sort of sleep mode when turned off 

Hi Canaan

I have not used MCM103 as I immediately updated to MCM104.

MCM104 does not turn off the RGB or base when it goes to sleep and reacts exactly like Scar describes.

so i actually once left the monitor in this state for 3 days and when i came back i had an intense image retention problem wich caused the monitor to get image retention in just a minute of an static image it wouldnt get away with a pixel refresh too weirdly and i had to send the old unit back bc it had this issue and an dead subpixel.

could you maybe try to do the same thing i did get the monitor to go into sleep mode (goes in when there is no signal) and then press the powerbutton to turn it off to see if it works on your unit too?

So when it goes into sleep mode the RGB and base is still on but when I hit the power button it does go off using MCM104.

I have had the monitor for 2 weeks so far leaving it in standby mode with no retention problems.

Hopefully a firmware update can address this as well as it not showing in Armory Crate for more Aura control and sync .