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Asus pg27aqdm Firmware update (MCM104) causing Screen saver to activate instantly

Level 9

Hi there. So I don't know why but the new Firmware update on the ASUS pg27aqdm version MCM104 Causes the monitor to go into screen saver mode instantly even when movement is detected, the monitor will turn down its brightness no matter what. The only fix is deactivating screen saver mode, But most people wouldn't want to do to prevent image retention. Did anyone experience the same issue? With MCM 104 (also rolled back to mcm103, the issue was not there)


Hi @Jiaszzz_ROG 

Thank you for the reply.Its good to know that this was added intentional by asus although it would be great if asus would add this as a new and seperate option in a future update.

Thanks 😄

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Scar 

Certainly, thank you for the feedback. 
It will be reflected in the relevant units for reference evaluation.

Thank you.