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Asus pg27aqdm auto dimming when playing

Level 7

When I play games the screen gets darker when flashes appear

HDR off 

latest firmware

Already did factory reset 

Already changed monitor (I bought the same model twice, same issue)

Using the display port that comes in the box (same issue happens with other display ports)

SCREEN SAVER IS OFF (it looks like the problem doesn't exist with SS on, or at least it's less noticeable)


G-sync on or off the problem persists

Power setting set to standard mode

these are the specific settings I use:


Shadow boost off

brightness 100

uniform brightness CHECK

contrast 90

vivid pixel 50

aspect control full

blue light filter OFF

display color space DCI P3

color temp USER R100 G95 B90

Saturation 55

six axis saturation default

gamma 2.2



basically it looks like I have HDR on but I don't, especially when I play overwatch the screen changes brightness constantly and it's insanely obnoxious, for a 1000+ dollars monitor this is unacceptable.

are you aware of this issue? is there a fix? are you working on a firmware that fixes this?


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Leviathan__ ,

based on your issue, could you please confirm if the screen gets darker when it flickers? 

Does this problem only occur during gaming? Could you provide a video recording to help us better understand the issue? Have you tested the monitor with different signal cables other than DisplayPort? 

What is your graphics card model, and have you updated your graphics card drivers? 

Make sure that any settings related to dynamic contrast, adaptive brightness, or HDR are disabled in your graphics card control panel.
If you have an Nvidia or AMD graphics card, check the control panel for any settings related to adaptive brightness or contrast, and ensure that they are turned off.

Thank you.

Level 7

Basically is the OLED technology, and second.. you have Brightness at 100. I have it at 50 and it is super brilliant on user mode. HDR off.

Have you tried to active the Uniform Brightness? Then when you are in dark games, and suddenly lights of whittes appears in the game the monitor don't adapt the Brightness automatically. (this is for prevent the burn-in and don't overhead)