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Asus PG248QP 540hz My screen turn white screen after change to ULMB 2

Level 7

I already change to ULMB in 3D setting in Nvidia control panel  and I just activate ULMB 2 and it's instanly turn to white screen i can't see anything Right now i don't know how to fix it 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Wildstar ,

Based on your inquiry, did you set the monitor refresh rate to 540Hz? 
If you choose a different refresh rate, does the white screen issue still occur when using ULMB 2? 
Could you provide a video demonstrating the white screen issue after enabling ULMB2? To activate ULMB 2, you need to disable NVIDIA G-SYNC Variable Refresh Rate in the NVIDIA Control Panel. 
Have you updated the monitor firmware? 
Additionally, note that NVIDIA RTX 20 series or higher graphics cards and the latest version of the Windows operating system are required to enable the 540 Hz (OC) refresh rate. 

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Thank you.

i already updated the latest version of window 11 and Nvidia graphic driver latest version 
i can do 540hz with G-sync mode 
but i can't Turn on ULMB mode if I turn off G-sync compatible in Nvidia control panel 

Here is my Video of White screen 
i did all the following but it still the same

My PC Spec
RTX 3080 
Ram 32gb 5800mhz
Mainboard:Asus Z790 e gaming wifi

i figured it out now  i can use ULMB Mode with Brightness 50 
if 100 brightness it will turn white screen  i don't know why 

but even i can use ULMB Mode it is just can be use like 1-2 minute then it automatically turn off  for no reason 
and i have to turn it on again everytime 1-2 min

i don't know is it normal? because i just alt+tab to go back to desktop and then come back  in-game it will turn ULMB off and i have turn it on again everytime i go back to desktop

ok i just found 1 more thing i try using 50 brightness with ULMB But at the end  it turn white screen again