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6 months After Broken Firmware for PG48UQ and still no update. Unreal.

Level 10

So here we are, 6 months after releasing firmware for the PG48UQ that completely BROKE HDR on the monitor and we STILL do not have an update to fix this. Absolutely unreal Asus. We spent $1500 on your flagship OLED monitor and you release a clearly completely untested and broken firmware for it, we have been telling you this whole time that is is utterly broken and STILL there is no update.

What possible freaking excuse could you have for this? Our Monitors are BROKEN with this firmware!!! I'm afraid to go back to V28 because that firmware had issues where the monitor would just randomly go off for minutes at a time and suddenly pop back on! So I'm still sitting here 6 months later not able to even use one of the most desireable and touted feature of my $1500 monitor!!!

I will NEVER buy another Asus product... You just lost a customer with deep pockets cause you were too lazy to fix some firmware.


Level 8

100% agree. Every other thread on this issue has been locked with no solution or fix from ASUS.  Exact same HDR issues with v29 firmware. As has been stated multiple times, HDR on this firmware is broken. 

Just to be certain, I checked the support page again, and the broken v29 firmware is still up. I did revert to v28 as it was miles better although still far from perfect. Very frustrating coming from a $1,500 high-end monitor. ASUS needs to remove the problem firmware and issue a proper update rather than gaslighting us into thinking we're the problem. "Optimize HDR", what a joke.

Hi @konahamaru,

could you please provide a detailed description of the circumstances under which the issue occurs? 

Does this problem only occur in the current version, or did it also occur in previous versions? 

Have you tested other devices or signal cables to see if the issue persists? What type of signal cable are you using for the connection? 

Could you provide the model of your graphics card? 

Would you be able to provide a video of the issue occurring for reference? 

Additionally, please send the serial number of your monitor and a screenshot of the firmware version via private message. 

Thank you.

Providing detailed device specifications (MB/CPU/GPU/PSU, etc.) and the respective driver versions, OS version, and BIOS version will help us analyze the issue more effectively.