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240Hz not available on PG32UCDM

Level 8

Hello, I am currently unable to utilize 240hz on my PG32UCDM. It's just not available in the Nvidia control panel nor the windows display options.

I'm running the latest firmware (MCM103) on Windows 10, 64bit.

I've utilized both HDMI and DP cables that have come with the monitor as well as tried other certified cables (HDMI 2.1 and DP 2.1). All the cables are rated for the correct frequency and resolution and have displayed 240hz+ before on other monitors during my review process.

reference system specs:

cpuintel 14900k
gpurog matrix 4090
psurog loki 1200w
ramgskill trident z5 @ 7200
mbrog 790-i


no-240hz-2.PNG display-driver-installed.PNG




I've also tried doing some of the other fixes found around both here and on reddit:

  • switching DSC off/on
  • switching VRR off/on
  • switching between DP 1.2 and 1.4 (always reverting back to 1.4)
  • using position 1 DP/HDMI outlets for the GPU
  • using position 4 DP/HDMI outlets for the GPU
  • updating display driver
  • updating monitor driver
  • updating monitor firmware
  • use factory provided cables
  • use upgraded, certified cables

No luck in any situation. Interestingly enough, the factory provided cable isn't even certified for 4k@240hz according to the certification sticker (you can scan it with a QR reader). This appears to be a popular fix for most people, but didn't work for me.

Thanks everyone.


Level 10

Dsc in order to achieve 240 hz can only be done through DP 1.4.

Hdmi 2.1 can only achieve 120 hz/4k.\

Did you make a clean graphics driver install with DDU?

Thanks for the reply. I've had DSC & DP 1.4 enabled. I've also performed a clean graphics driver install. That has not fixed it.

Yes but did you use DDU to do that?

If yes try to reset windows and see if that works..

Give your PC a Fresh Start - Microsoft Support

I'm not willing to do the reset windows thing. It's a bit too close to the sun for my use case. I used the "clean install" feature for the driver reset. Gonna try to see what my macbook is able to do tomorrow.

Also worth noting that the lightup LEDs on the back don't work. I've had other ROG monitors and they work pretty well. For this one I can't even get it to shine a single light :/. Not sur ewhat to make of that.

DSC works perfectly with HDMI 2.1. and allows 4k 240 Hz on PG32UCDM  without any problems from my own experience. Also there are lot of screenshots and videos at this forum - here for example we have 4k@240 over HDMI.

You are right,my bad i thought that it could only do 120 hz through hdmi 2.1 as i have not tested mine yet.

I only use dp for pc use..


Level 10

Level 9

Most logical explanation is DSC option - double check it in monitor's OSD.

And just in case set Type-C bandwidth to 2.0 and USB-C charging to 65W.

DSC is enabled, please see the OP. 


Type C bandwidth was changed to 2.0/USB @ 65w.