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Various ROG Spatha issues

Level 7

I purchased the mouse about 6 months ago and since then I have been experiencing weird issues and they have been getting worse and worse. Finally, upon getting fed up with it and googling said issues I discovered I was not alone in this. This is definitely surprising, since this is a very expensive product, from a well-known brand. Considering how long ASUS teased the mouse before releasing it, the numerous patches and firmware updates released, I was sure it was tested properly, but sadly it seems that ASUS is using the consumers as beta testers.

Current software/firmware versions:

Software version: 2.05.01
Firmware version: 1.69

Enough whining, let me explain my problems with the mouse.

1. Cheap plastics, failing waaay too soon:

a) I already replaced this mouse once as the LMB was very wonky out of the box and made terrible creaking noises when using it. I thought I was just unlucky and got a bad device, sadly it turns out this is not the case....

b) On the replacement mouse the "Forward" button next to the LMB decided to sink into the socket slightly after 2 weeks of using it. It still clicks fine and everything but is slightly annoying as it sits further down than the "Back" button and breaks the line which the designers were going for in the first place.

c) In addition to B), the plastic which sits between the Forward, Backward buttons and the "MMO buttons" is again terribly creaky and wonky and has the movement of a real button which is just absurd... Does anyone else experience this or am I super unlucky?

2. When on wireless, sometimes the mouse just stops responding for 0.1 seconds, which as you can imagine in an action FPS/RPG game or really any game, if timed right, means I'm dead and my team blames me for losing. This does not occur when using the wired mode, but I like the freedom of the wireless... That's why I got the mouse in the first place. Now I'm forced to play on wired and use the wireless only when browsing/youtubing etc... tasks which the "stutter" will not effect. Same thing has been explained by a fellow Spatha user in this thread - but generally it feels like the mouse is losing connection to the docking station, even though it is sitting 20cm away from it...

The only difference from what he is explaining is that I have not made ANY profile changes, I have not changed any key binds or whatever using the software. The only change I made was to decrease the Battery Low warning lights from 15% to 10% and to calibrate the mouse for the cloth pad I use.

Even in this case I tried the suggested solution and not surprisingly, it didn't help and the random stutter still happens from time to time.

3. I am experiencing the well documented "not going to sleep when Armoury app is running" BUG, which was supposed to be fixed a few versions ago. This is not true as you can see from the build and firmware versions stated in the beginning of my post.

4. Probably the most annoying problem I have encountered so far - Using the wireless mode and having an almost full battery, I finish my session for the day and SHUT DOWN the PC. As expected the mouse turns all LEDs OFF and presumably is in "sleep" mode. I read somewhere that when it is sleeping and the PC is on, it is still using power to detect eventual movement, however in my case the PC is completely OFF and the mouse should not be consuming power as it should not be scanning for movement. This is also backed-up by the fact that when trying to move it, it does not light-up like when the PC is on.
This is not the case as when I come home from work the next day and power on the PC, the mouse is completely dead and I am forced once again to plug in the wire.

Can someone please tell me if these issues are enough reason to RMA the mouse or it is pointless and I should just suck it up and avoid future ROG products, the same way I avoid Razer products.

Thank you