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Spatha now aura syncs with system thanks to Chakram!!(possable aura compatabilty fix)

Level 8
Ok, long story short. I've only been able to adjust my Spatha aura in armory 2, armory crate has never done anything with it. Today I got the new chakram mouse and got it all set up and to my amazement, the Spatha started to sync with armory crate!! Its not displayed under sync devices though. I can only assume aura can only send 1 aura signal and both mice pick up the same signal. Kinda funny that new hardware made older hardware work with new software.

Either way, I thought this would be interesting for anyone trying to get all their aura to play together. Now I wonder If something similar would work with the Claymore...(plugging in armory crate compatible keyboard to get an aura keyboard software update) ..Also makes me wonder why the armory crate does individual updates for each piece of hardware...I mean, the Chakram aura update made the Spatha aura sync work in crate....push all the mouse/keyboard/headset/ect updates through and apply them even if the hardware isn't there.