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ROG Strix Evolve

Level 7
My wife wanted a new mouse, and as she uses it left and right handed she was looking for an ambidextrous mouse.

Looking at the Puigio and the Strix Evolve she wanted the Strix.
Puigio being to flashy, and a little to small didn`t make the cut.

Out of the box the install and Armory seemed to go without trouble.
Only trouble was the FW upgrade after updating to 1.02.23.
It took 3 tries before it stuck.

Other than that, the changeble cover are easy to use, and both high covers are on.
We`ll see how it goes the next few days.

Level 7
How can one turn of "Angle snapping"

Never used it, and never turned it on/off as far as I can remember, but sice the last update the pointer jumps sometimes to the nearest selection field.
In Windows I`ve turned every option in the mouse and browser settings off, but in the Armory I can`t find a option.

Have tested with the Ängle snapping" min and max, but the jumping pointer happens still :mad: