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ROG Spatha X Keeping CTRL pressed on mouse button

Level 7

Hi, I have the ROG Spatha X and I want to program one button for "CTRL+Shift". 
Background: I want to be able to scroll horizontally in Excel, so the idea is to assign one button to CTRL+Shift and press it while scrolling. 

I can assign CTRL+ Shift, but it's not working. I assume the mouse acts like I just pressed and released the button. But I'm not releasing it. How can I keep it "pressed" as long as I didn't release?


Level 7

I'm surprised I saw this was posted 9 hours ago right after I unpacked my mouse.  I ran into the same issue but need CTRL+Shift modifier for a game.  I'm able to map it but nothing lights up on the Virtual Keyboard or the Windows On-screen keyboard when trying to press that button.


Hey guys,

Correct me if I'm not understanding.

We have normal vertical scroll with the scroll wheel.

You can set one of the side buttons to L-Shift, press and hold the assigned button to scroll horizontally with the scroll wheel.

RavynX - See if you're able to remap the keys in the game settings.




@Nate152 - I tried remapping in the game using mouse button but it won't register it.  😞

Thanks for your feedback, but that's exactly what I'm trying to do: Assigning one button to Shift+CTRL (because only Shift alone won't do, this would zoom in and out). 

Yet it's not working, hence my post 🙂

I recorded a quick video to show it works with web pages.

First vertical scroll, then press and hold the button for horizontal scroll.







I use the mouse buttons as key-modifiers.   Back-button for CTRL, one for SHIFT, another for SHIFT+CTRL.  I try not to use ALT b/c sometimes ALT+TAB gets used and exits out of the game. This allows me to use 1,2,3,4 and Q,E,R,F and then modify them for more buttons  (8 -> 32 buttons) rather than trying to reach 5-0 from the WASD keys and also so I don't have to purchase an "MMO" mouse to have 12 buttons on the side that my thumb can't single out.

My prior Roccat and Razer mice have had no problems assigning SHIFT+CTRL to a button.

I'm a little lost with this, I had to research these commands as I wasn't sure what they do.

Ctrl+Shift - Changes the keyboard layout. You have to have multiple keyboard layouts to switch between the layouts.

Shift+Ctrl - I can't find anything for this particular command/function.




With the Spatha X I can't activate hotbar abilities in games with CTRL+SHIFT+1 etc, I have to use the alternate "Alt" modifier on the Spatha X to work instead. This works most of the time except if I Tab-target switch it can cause an "Alt-tab" and kick me out of the game screen.