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ROG Spatha X is the worst "luxury" purchase I have ever made

Level 7
I mean, some of the programmable options are very cool, like the macros. Some of it is less cool but unique, like pasting a short message. But seriously these like 6 choices 4 of which are copy, paste, undo, and cut are all I get for windows functions? No task view option? No maximize/minimize? You can set those functions up by using the keyboard shortcut options but why is the software so amateurish that no one thought to add those predefined options? This is a 150 dollar mouse, right? My Logitech MX Master 3 has 6 buttons in total and has three times the functionality. Not only can you open task view but you can just swipe left or right to go to your desired desktop. I spent 3 hours. I repeat. I spent THREE HOURS installing this mouse because the software is so mind bogglingly badly written it actively corrupted my OS. I literally had to use a restore point. In the 20 years I have been using windows I have done fresh installs plenty of times, but I have NEVER used a restore point until now. I have had catastrophic crashes requiring fresh installs but before now I hadn't ever encountered software that I couldn't just uninstall and start over. I haven't seen software that behaves more like a virus like this since the 90's, and never from an international company. For the love of god why would I not be able to install the mouse or docking station if they are both plugged in at the same time? Why are there only 7 lighting options, with only one of them, reactive, even remotely interesting (I don't count battery indicator because every powered device everywhere has that, it's called a status indicator and how freaking dare you have the balls to add that as a "lighting option", one of them is static, and the rest are variations of the same strobe effect)? Why would you make a docking station that is designed to be vertical and not add a tiny keyhole so it can be mounted to a wall? Why is everything about this mouse, which is the most expensive mouse I have ever purchased seem like it was designed by a singularly unimaginative office drone that is just trying to get through his work day so he can go home and be sad? Again I paid 150 dollars for your top of the line mouse and it has less functionality then a years older mouse at almost half the price, less lighting effects then my 20 dollar desk lamp, and less freedom in how I use it then even Apple products. And your power cord uses 10 year old technology, USB-C to USB-A, because...I honestly can't even come up with a faux reason for this as a joke or jab, it's just bafflingly stupid. Now I knew what I was getting and had never intended for this to be my primary mouse, but I never expected it would end up tossed in a drawer because it couldn't even match ANY of the most basic of features that trash products offer. So yeah call me Mr Horse because no sir, I don't like it.

But please someone tell me how I'm wrong so the crushing regret I feel can be somewhat mitigated.

Level 7
the way you worded this thread and immaculately spelled out the Logitech products you're using makes it feel like an ad, haha.

I honestly have no idea how the software corrupted your OS so bad you needed to restore from a restore point, that's up to the devs to figure out (and where are you guys?)

But yes, ASUS software is legitimately not as good as Logitech. However, you get the Spatha X for its design and hardware, which is where it shines. I actually switched from a flagship Logitech mouse to a Spatha X just yesterday with no technical issues so far and had everything set up and ready to go including a custom lighting setup. Razer Chroma allowed for more complex lighting options on my old Blackwidow, which is objectively not as good as my new Falchion hardware-wise, and ripples on every keystroke get boring after 6 months. I also got my Win+Tab mouse shortcut which works fine for me. I have encountered 0 issues with it so far, apart from the ROG mouse switches which aren't as fast as my previous ones from Logitech, but I can fix that! which is cool.

I guess my point is the software is just there to customize the hardware's behavior and leave behind and forget about. It's not there to be some pristine user experience. And when the hardware shines, that's what peripherals are for, no? Comfort, accuracy, speed and ease of interface, functionality.

This is by far the most comfortable palmgrip mouse I've ever owned. Your thread almost got me off of buying it a few days ago but I decided to ignore you and pull the trigger anyway because the issues, while worded very dramatically, seemed negligible. Happy I did that.

Yes sorry, I have been rather salty towards ASUS this past week as Armoury Crate has crapped out multiple times this week alone. Their dozen or so services and drivers did something funky to Intel's management engine and I couldn't repair, uninstall, or reinstall it. So it wasn't really the OS but a driver issue. I have 10 RGB case fans and when Armoury Crate goes bad it sticks them all on the horrid rainbow setting for startup/shutdown effects, even though I have startup and shutdown effects turned off. This makes them shine right in my eyes and gives me a headache. Usually when it happens I can just delete and reinstall but that time I couldn't get them to stop flashing until I turned off AURA in BIOS and fully unplugged the computer, even shutting down and restarting didn't help. It's gotten so bad I have the AC uninstall and install icons and DIP5 cleaner right on my desktop. Even then you end up having to search for and manually deleting files.

I am a bit of a fanboy for the Logitech MX series, I really wish more devs had a side scroll and freewheel options. I don't really have much against the Spatha X, it's a fine mouse, but I honestly feel the software should reflect the price. If you will indulge a bit more of a plug I ended up going back to the MX as it has only one less programmable button, an extra scroll wheel, more functionality for the buttons, a free scrolling wheel, better software, much more battery life even with RGB turned off, and for me the buttons are easier to reach. All this for 50 dollars less. Okay plug over. The only thing it lacks is RGB which is the primary reason I purchased the Spatha X as I wanted a similar amount of functionality with lighting. Looking at the hardware it appears to have this but it's not until you get into the software that the limitations are apparent. So I felt ripped off already and then was dealing with yet another AC failure.

Level 13
I went and spent a wad on ASUS peripherals and got so disgusted one day I tossed the over priced keyboard and spatha mouse in the trash and went all corsair. No problems since. I didnt like the fact to start with that the spatha when used wirelessly is dead in a day even if left idle. Worst performing mouse Ive ever had. My back up MX master will go a month between charges and my corsair dark core pro RGB will go several days at least. ASUS makes great MOBOS and Strix GPUs but thats where it ends. The peripherals and software blows.

I feel your pain. Good to hear from the MX Nation. I almost feel guilty towards Logitech as I never even got the chance to purchase the Master S2, My original MX Master lasted me over a decade with the only defects being a slightly depleted battery life (still lasted weeks), and the rubber thumb rest wearing out and the material falling off (took 8 years at least). By the time I got around to buying another the Master 3 was out. I actually only even replaced it because I was checking to see if they had a vertical MX with side scroll and when they didn't I figured I might as well get a new regular one. Still I would buy a vertical too if they had at least put the freewheel on it. Okay yeah this thread is definitely becoming an ad.

So with enough time, and determination, I eventually found a use for the Spatha X. I find it preferable to use with exactly one game, Dyson Sphere Project. This is due to the large number of keyboard shortcuts that I find useful as mouse functions and my other mice can require movement to activate some of their functions (not naming manufacturers this time). So I purchased an NVME SSD that bricked on me in less than 4 months (Gammix s70 Blade 2TB, it's common problem) forcing me to reprogram the Spatha X and noticed yet another serious issue I didn't mention in the first post that I felt warranted further whining.

When programing the standard Windows profile I am coming up at a loss as to what to use for two of the buttons. Well that's not quite right, I know what I WANT to use them for, it just lacks the basic functionality to do so. I want them to open dedicated programs, and while all my other mice have this ability the Spatha does not. I imagine I can do so by messing with Windows automated actions, I'll have to look into it, but once again Asus has disappointed me and is going to waste another large chunk of my time figuring out a workaround for their lack of programming capability. I'm pretty sure I had those buttons programed to switch browser tabs before but remember them almost never being used because the location of the buttons is unintuitive (it's the middle buttons on the left side) for that function. My other unnamed mouse uses the left/right scroll click for that which makes more sense but obviously the Spatha lacks. Also I spent more of my money and time purchasing some M2 strips so I could wall mount the clearly designed for wall-mounting dock. Oh well, I mean it was only 150 dollars and literally dozens of hours of my life to eek out at least SOME function for this hardware, no biggie ASUS keep up the mediocre work!

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